5 Martial Arts Films That Must Become Games

Cmack of TLR Writes "Martial arts movies could be revitalized through video games.""Even though TLR couldn’t account for all the classics, they picked the individual films that would make the best transition to video game format and separate the players from the played."

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MintBerryCrunch3084d ago

not martial arts per se, but you can never go wrong with a samurai game, that's why 13 Assassins would make a great game

Holeran3084d ago

Not martial arts? Have you watched IP man? 90% hand to hand combat, Bruce Lee styled his own martial arts on a hybrid of Wing Chun, And this isn't martial arts? And if you wanted a real Samurai movie taken into the game realm it would be 7 Samurai.

MintBerryCrunch3084d ago

i was talking about the movie 13 Assassins not being martial arts, i have seen Ip Man and know that it is

CameronL993084d ago

Right, because movie-based videogames always turn out fantastic.... oh wait

Holeran3084d ago

Yep the best martial arts film of all time IP man, where's that on your list?

Neoninja3084d ago

I love the all of Bruce Lee movies haha. Although I think a Black Mask game would rock!

InTheLab3084d ago

It would probably make a terrible video game but my all-time favorite martial arts film is The Fist of Legend...

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