Another Reason to Play Battlefield 3 on Consoles?

Battlefield 3, EA’s prize pig, has been having a rough time lately. Things kicked off with controversy over the quality of the console version, but when EA decided to throw Origin into the mix, things got a whole lot worse. Now it has been confirmed that you will need to use Origin, even if you buy a physical copy of Battlefield 3 on the PC. Is EA shooting itself in the foot? Perhaps so.

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firemassacre2843d ago (Edited 2843d ago )

im buying it on my ps3 for sure because i get 1943 for free with the ps3 copy.

@pandamobile, feel bad all you want, ill be having a lot of fun.

Pandamobile2843d ago

I feel bad for anyone who decides to get the console version of BF3 because of Origin lol.

Let's trade 64 person multiplayer, next-gen graphics and better framerates (if your computer can handle it) so I can not sign into Origin.

Seems rational. (not)

fluffydelusions2843d ago

I only care about having fun. Had fun with BC2 on console which I suspect will be the case with BF3.

Pandamobile2843d ago

Read my comment. I don't care if you're getting the console version. I was talking about using Origin as the sole reason to not buy the PC version as being dumb.

Gran Touring2843d ago

I agree with Panda, if you have a PC capable of running BF3 and choose to get the console version solely because of Origin, then that sort of reasoning doesn't make much sense.

I kinda feel it's the same way about how people are treating Diablo III, with it's online-only requirement. But I digress...

lil Titan2843d ago

i feel bad you're not getting the console version, your tags are safe for now but there probably easy to get anyway ill pass

Pandamobile2843d ago

The hell is that supposed to mean.

allyc4t2843d ago

I had the Alpha and had no issues with Origin.

Considering that it was an Alpha afterall, I'm sure EA and DICE will smooth things out before launch.

And buying BF3 on consoles just doesn't mean that you're getting lower graphics. It means that you won't be able to experience the 64 player multiplayer, which is the way Battlefield games are meant to be played.

Phil40002843d ago

This article is kind of lame to be honest...
Wow I can't use Steam just like I can't with any Blizzard game and many others.

thebudgetgamer2843d ago

if i end up having to buy this on a console no way im buying brand new.paying more money for less game is just silly.

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The story is too old to be commented.