El Shaddai needs more attention

This game is going to be amazing and everyone should be ready for it. Check out the reasons why in this article.

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Venox20083082d ago

I agree.. art style is breathtaking.. I hope this game will be very good..

Kurisu3081d ago

I've played the demo, the art style is amazing and it feels like everything is popping out of the screen! I love how you can walk across the clouds as they roll across the screen!


I don't like the combat.

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Tony P3081d ago

I think it's worth a look.

But I don't understand why the boosters talk about this like it's blowing everything else out of the water.

It's a nice looking game, but what makes it any better or any more unique than other action games?

JellyJelly3080d ago

Played the demo as well. The artstyle is ok but the gameplay feels shallow and dated.

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jc485733082d ago

If there's one thing I really hate is when someone tells me he never heard of such game.

Jack_DangerousIy3081d ago

Did not like the demo at all, personally.

Maybe because I gave up smoking 7 months ago?

Agent_hitman3081d ago

The title "EL SHADDAI" is similar to the name of religious group in the philippines

NewZealander3081d ago

looks like typical jap crap, ill pass thanks.

jc485733080d ago

you've been promoted
"Stupid Customer"

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The story is too old to be commented.