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Will Counter Strike On Consoles Kill Off Call of Duty?

Call of Duty has remained as the top-selling game due to its multiplayer, with this in particular dominating consoles. Now with perhaps the series' biggest influence, Counter Strike hitting consoles, will the franchise die out?

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Community4691d ago
Nitrowolf24691d ago

Maybe. Don't think it will though. Love Counter strike and will definitely be a day one buy. Anyone know if there is cross play like on Portal 2?

ChrisPriestman4691d ago

Haha! That would be hilarious (from a PC gamers point of view)!

Console players playing with PC players on CS would just be a tad one sided. Still would love to see it, just for an experiment and to settle a few age-old arguments, if nothing else xD

Nitrowolf24691d ago (Edited 4691d ago )

Yeah i would want to see it to. I've seen PC though and the time it takes to shoot and switch up stuff is so much faster. Still maybe we can get some sort of cross-play. It;ll really depend on the players though. It may run better on Computer, but that doesn't mean it'll always be lop sided.

Oner4691d ago

I'm looking forward to this on consoles but I think the overall best option would be to do a true HD remake of CS 1.6 but with 2 additions ~ Keyboard/Mouse & Move support.

MintBerryCrunch4691d ago

you have to actually be good at CS, a lot of COD players will probably bitch that the game isn't like COD and they will go back to what makes them feel like a BAU5

Larry L4691d ago

This is news to me. Interesting this like confirmed news?

Cross platform play with PC gamers would be awesome of Valve, even if they have to release another version on PC for PC gamers to partake against PS3 players. Like someone else said.........just to settle some old arguments.

But just so you PC guys know, all the "CoD noobs" (at least most of them) on consoles are going to stick with CoD MW3 or some switch to BF3. It's a religion to them. I've learned this talking to CoD players online. But the PS3 gamers that would be playing CounterStrike are the Killzone players and the SOCOM players. These aren't the kind of console shooter players who're going to be eazy pickins because they're used to having the crutch of aim assists making them think they're alot better at shooters than they really are. IMO you'd be playing the best of the best in the console shooter realm.

The closest we've come so far to a true test of console vs PC players was the PS3 version of Unreal Tournament 3 due to the true PC mod support it has and having KB/M support. Controller player kept up pretty well, and that's on a lightning fast paced FPS, we'd keep up even better on a slower paced game like CS.

I hope they do it, just so a few mouths on the internet get shut. If we console gamers can't get some respect in the shooter realm fro m PC players.......we'll TAKE that respect online in CounterStrike!!! LOL

ikkokucrisis4691d ago

Awesome, looking forward to owning some console newbs on my PC!

BattleAxe4691d ago (Edited 4691d ago )

Well the new Counter Strike will definitely attract oldschool Socom players since there hasn't been many good tactical shooters this generation outside of GRAW2 and to some degree Socom: Confrontation.

I tried getting into Counter Strike last year, but since the game is so old, the longtime hardcore players shred all the new players to the point that its not worth the time you would have to put in today to compete with those players. I can't complain too much though, CSS only cost me $5.00.

dkp234690d ago

Isnt really any point togo cross plat. The best pc gamer will kill the best console gamer every time.

Cross plats would be good for mmos or dungeon crawlers, not fps games

Solid_Malone4690d ago

Totally agree with you mate, i would really love to see a HD remake of CS 1.6. IMO, the source engine is terrible for cs, the guns don't have that powerful feeling that cs 1.6 was able to portray.

I really hope that Valve are working on a new engine in time for HL3 and the inevitable CS 2.0.

Solidus187-SCMilk4690d ago

Yeah I dont think cross platform play would be too good for CS. And If there was no option to not play with pc gamers then alot of console people would quit. This isnt a co-op cross platform game.

not to mention these would be different versions of the game. Such as PC has dedicated servers and mods/ unlimited levels that the console versions wont have.

That would be cool if valve let the console versions DL some maps from the PC game tho, at least the ps3 version since it has steam somewhat.

Ive played CS on PC forever and have it already and my old PC with a 9600 can run source better than the consoles easy, but I would probably still buy this for cheap just to try it. Im not big on COD any more since 4 was awesome, and the ones since have been lame.

bozebo4690d ago (Edited 4690d ago )

They really don't need a new CS though. They just need to fix the bugs and add some maps so we don't have to play on de_dust2 constantly.

Literally, they can't improve the game's core design - it just isn't possible.

Still, if they use the excuse of releasing a new CS to fix the bugs - at least they will be fixed and I would be happy to buy the game again for that...

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firemassacre4691d ago

sorry counterstrike, thats battlefields job.

TheGameFoxJTV4690d ago

No, they can both co-exist. Two completely different games that wanna kill CoD.

Micro_Sony4691d ago (Edited 4691d ago )

Unless they make CS casual friendly then I dont see this happening.

The reason why COD is so popular is because almost anyone can play it and feel like a pro.

Shackdaddy8364691d ago (Edited 4691d ago )

It's a little bit casual friendly. It's really easy to pick up (at least for me it was).

Pandamobile4691d ago

If you're already good at FPS games, then yeah, it's easy to get the hang of it. But if you're new to PC FPS games it's a nightmare.

evrfighter4691d ago

Won't be for casual gamers. It's more then likely gonna be for the competitive gamer. Tournament/league play friendly

solar4691d ago

the CS series us too hardcore for the 95% casual player that plays CoD.

dkp234690d ago

If cs isnt casual friendly, i dont know wat is. There are no perks add ons or ranking crap u got to do. Simple, kill get money and buy new gun. Everyone on same playing field. Cod gamers that rank has clear advantage.

whatis4690d ago (Edited 4690d ago )

@ dkp23

I disagree with you and I feel that it is in fact the "Perks, Add-ons or Rankings" that make a game more casual friendly and not the other way around.

"Perks, Add-ons or Rankings" are just an artificial skill cap for those players that play these games but never actually improve their playing ability.

Everyone that plays for long enough to unlock the extra skills and abilities etc, is guaranteed at some point to find start finding themselves getting an advantage over the newer players.

Everyone is guaranteed to see an improvement with themselves, no matter how bad they are, just by playing.

This is not always the case with FPS games such as Counter Strike or Quake for example. These games give you all of the tools from the start. To everyone. But it takes a lot of learning and practice to actually see some improvement.

I also believe that these "Perks, Add-ons or Rankings" are there to give players a goal to work towards and again "artificially" keep people playing the game for long enough until the next installment comes out. Or to keep casual gamers from from trading it in too soon, or moving to another game.

People play, and stick with Counter Strike for the high level of competition and the skill that is involved.

da_2pacalypse4690d ago

yeah I agree, cod players are usually just noobs that have picked up a controller for the first time or something... But that's okay, because CS is going to be an arcade release, so just about anybody can pick it up for like 15 bucks and give it a try.

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TheShow174691d ago

That's exactly what I was thinking. If they could get cross play to work on this game and extend the popularity of it on PCs over to the Xbox 360 and/or PS3, that would be a huge win for the publisher. I've never played it though, but my college roommate was always playing it and still swears its one of the best shooters out there.

STONEY44691d ago (Edited 4690d ago )

The problem with Counter-Strike though is that it's literally the definition of a tactical twitch shooter, except the twitch shooter part is much more accuracy based. As in, I couldn't imagine playing on a controller vs anyone using a mouse.

I also remember playing alot on a modded server with low gravity, only sniper rifles, and only headshots kill. I'm not sure if they're going to be having mod support with this either (zombiemod, RPG, and mini-game servers are where 80% of my CSS playtime is these days), but that kind of situation would be one-sided. Most of the servers are mod/fun servers anyways.

What I'm trying to say is, I think consoles should play against consoles for CS, because of the mouse/kb advantage. Not in a bad way though. The vanilla gameplay is also amazing and fun.

mastiffchild4690d ago

K/M should NEVER be in the same lobby as pads-it's just not an even playing field whatsoever. I actually play EVERY SP campaign with a pad these days(even on PC) purely because a mouse is TOO EFFICIENT for shooters-it takes me out of the game a bit(partly, also, as you're aiming on a separate plane)because it makes my avatar capable of superhuman feats which are jarring to my mind and really bad when playing as a normal soldier/whatever.

Anyway, point is UT3 K/M players massacred pad players and it's just the input method and not skill counting so, for me, keep console gamers and PC heads apart and even moreso on CS.

If I play some, and I might for old time's sake, on PC I'll have to go K/M but on console where we all, mostly, use the same controller it'll be a fairer(if less impressive to look at and without mods!) playing field. I never know for certain, playing on PC, if it's me, my tech or the other guys tech/equipment or skill that governs matches. By allowing pad Vs mouse you'd only add to not knowing why you won or lost and take skill further out of the equation.

Not that K/M doesn't use skill-it does-but it's just a way easier method for aiming and FPS than a pad. It's been proven time and again that even a great player with a pad cannot compete with someone with half a clue on K/M.

Prototype4691d ago

I remember Counter Strike on Xbox; I'm surprised they decided to release another CS at this point in time. I'd get it just to see how different the PC and console versions are.

I will vote CS > CoD

snipes1014690d ago

If there is cross platform play, I would like it to be optional (say, a playlist for cross platform). I'm not super good at online shooters and don't have time to get super good at them. Facing off against an experienced console gamer would be bad enough. A PC gamer though...well...I'd be screwed.

ATi_Elite4690d ago

Lots of people are being mislead as to what CS:GO is.

It's not a sequel to CS:S or CS1.6

It's an update to make a version of CS fall in line with eSports standards like DoTa 2 and StarCraft2.

Valve is really pushing esports all of a sudden and actually valve should have done this years ago!!