Alan Wake: Not a first-party title for Microsoft

The official Alan Wake forum has just posted an announcement in response to the rumor that Alan Wake is the "big Microsoft first party title" that is getting canceled.

"Microsoft Game Studios does not own the copyright nor the IP to Alan Wake. Therefore, Alan Wake is NOT a first party title for Microsoft."

The forum moderator adds:

"Remedy is acting as a third party developer for Microsoft Game Studios. MGS provides outsourcing and development resources for the game, but has no development power over the title."

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wil4hire3999d ago (Edited 3999d ago )

Outside of the 6 pre-rendered screen shots & a demo ran on a PC, This game has nothing.

iceice1233999d ago

Confused with the 2005 Killzone 2 trailer. Those are not pre-rendered. But please continue to be jealous of the game.

wil4hire3999d ago (Edited 3999d ago )

A. The Still shots were pre-rendered.

B. The video from "Alan Wake shown at IDF Fall " Was running on a PC.. which was stated there.

I am jealous of games that have release dates..

Alan Weak is dead.

Wii60_FTW3999d ago

sorry, willhire, but you're a dipshit.

that video just owned your ass. you're still thinking of krapzone. sit down.

FirstknighT3999d ago

HAHA, I see wil4hire is still making an idiot of himself.

sanderFVCKINcohen3999d ago

Somewhere in, two days ago: "HALO WARS, CANCELED"

C_SoL3999d ago

its funny how they bring up KILLZONE & hating on it cause its on a other console when every XBOT fanboy knows that they wnat this game...Icewake i got 3 words for you Rachet & Clank-you can't tell me thats gray stupid fu< goes to show that you don't know $hit bout consoles, stop sucking Bill Gate's di<k....this game looks great & when your hating on a other game don't say $hit cause you kno for your self that you want as bad. It ain't on god mode so don't bit<h about the A.I. check it out....

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Chris_GTR13999d ago

mmm so what? this dosent mean anything.. its still being made for windows and since its the same as xbox then theyll easyily port it.

ParaDise_LosT3999d ago

Everyone of their screens are INGAME
In the forums Morry(the mod)
said Remedy themselves sent him an Email confirming its not alan wake...

remix3999d ago

its a big title so we will see.

DeZimatoR3999d ago

Pity the 2007 Killzone 2 trailer is gameplay and blows everything else ever seen being played on a console out of the water...

BTW, does this mean its possible we will see Alan Wake on the PS3?! ;)

Dr Pepper3999d ago

No, because Microsoft is publishing the game.

JunkieXL3999d ago

No, because Microsoft has too much cash for the game developers on their payroll.

iceice1233999d ago

Hmm if you think it looks better than anything on a console your favorite color is grey. That's all it is, grey. I think I'll take a game with life, say Mass effect or Bioshock over grey blurs.

HarryEtTubMan3999d ago

GAME INFORMER, BBC INTERNATIONAL NEWS AND VIRTUALLY EVERYONE else that has seen the games has said that there is notinhg on a console even compaable to Killzone 2. "It is on the next level", "a step ahead of the rest". Shut you sh!t up jealous hater. You aren't Game informer. This isn't Gearof War or UT3. This is Killzone 2, which has the newest, most sophisticated engine seen in a game yet.... and just think we have barely seen a little gimpse of the game... o yea and and it was in the Alpha stage meaning all the graphical layers weren't even in place yet. You patheic, lieing, desperate fanboys. Your little crapbox will never be a PS3, no matter you wish and compalin, and lie, and try to trash, and hate. You're still gonna lose in the end. And really already have. Suckers.

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