lance424672d ago

Only problem is that we have to wait til 2012...

lance424672d ago

LOL...omg. That's an awesome link. Makes me sad though.

malol4672d ago (Edited 4672d ago )

they said Q1 2012
in here

and they already got the game running!/basti...

this and DoTA2
i just cant wait
valve seems to be to have some really nice games in the next few monthes

Micro_Sony4672d ago

EPIC would be if the the headline said "Valve officially announces Half Life Ep 3"

Counter Strike is great but dont know if it worth putting in front of Half Life.

Oh well maybe just maybe when they finish the development for CS they can start on EP3

tdrules4672d ago

I've heard the argument that Counter Strike is impossible to play on console due to lack of aim.
But everyone will be at the same situation, so it will be like watching two special kids trying to shoot each other.

Ravens204672d ago

Aww, are you mad that this is yet another reason not to get a gaming PC.

It's so funny you PC elitist are the biggest nerds on the internet. Yall act like a bunch of little immature kids bragging about how good your PC games look, when nobody gives a damn but you guys LMAO.

StayStatic4672d ago (Edited 4672d ago )

Your so cute

tdrules4672d ago

I have a PS3/360/PC, I just know which platforms are better at certain games.
Look up Shadowrun

radphil4672d ago


Your insults would have worked if that's what tdrules was going at.

He just said everyone will be at the same advantage when the game comes out.

malol4672d ago (Edited 4672d ago )

vavle's games on consoles are just plane joke lol
just look at team fortress 2 consoles compared to team fortress 2 PC

its just pathetic i tell you
you remember counter strike on the first xbox ?
yah that was even a worse joke

the only descent consoles game they have on consoles is l4d1 and 2
and portal 2
and even those are better on PC with mods and performance and the much alive community
where on consoles those games are like already dead

so WHT is wrong ?
im cool with this game being on consoles
because TBH its like never there in the first place

Phil40004672d ago

Is that picture a fake, I can't find a link to that page on valves website?

lifesanrpg4672d ago

Apparently it's an alleged screenshot from Valve at the 2010 E3. It was rumored to be the big game from them at E3 that year.