IGN: Mass Effect Is Officially 2007

September 5, 2006 - It's official: Mass Effect is coming to an Xbox 360 near you in Q1 2007. While this was unofficial news for the last six months or so, Microsoft is finally admitting it, the company told us today.

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Eternal E 8085869d ago

i cant wait to get my hands on this game

Jay da 2KBalla5869d ago (Edited 5869d ago )

Another AAA 360 exclusive. This will be one the best games of the next gen and the best looking one. Its amazing how real this game looks. I'm glad this will be a trilogy and luckily it will be coming out in Jan, Feb, or Mar. of 2007.

shoota335869d ago

Another 360 exclusive that will be hyped by xbox fanboys like jay and turn out to be a piece of sh*t just like the rest!!

Jay da 2KBalla5869d ago

Another 12 year old sony fanboy


shoota335869d ago

Another 16 year old xbox fanboy


Jay da 2KBalla5869d ago

Nah I'm not a fanboy of any console. I plan to buy a ps3 when there are some actual good games on it which will probably be in late 2008 or 2009. However you are a sony fanboy 4 life and you admit it and I respect you for that.

TheMART5869d ago

Lametime please. You already look dumb as hell don't make it worse man

Silver3605868d ago

The only game for the 360 that was a piece of crap was full auto and what happened to that oh yeah it is now a piece of crap for the ps3 that right take our rejects

Aramis0015868d ago

That, and Bomberman. Awful game.

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Phenom195869d ago

this is def a must buy for me : )

ASTAROTH5869d ago

Well... tell me who the others AAA titles are?? Besides Oblivion, GRAW, COD2 where are these AAA titles. Cause I miss them. Dead Rising, even as fun as it is is not considered a AAA title. Gears of War, LOL I judge when I play it. So I hope this game lives up to the hype.

Jak4ever5869d ago (Edited 5869d ago )

Its about time someone told the truth all the The games youve just named have REAL AAA POTENTIAL , not that !#%^#^!% Mart just posted (#6). Xbugs like MART worship everything MS does and cant find one thing positive to say about SCE. Get a grip FART.

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The story is too old to be commented.