Scramble Delayed Till Next W.E.E.K

For those eager to play the new Xbox Live Arcade Scramble tomorrow, will have to wait.

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BIadestarX5863d ago

I didn't even know this was comming.

uuuunvnv25863d ago

why did you put a pic of scrable up for this when the game is scramble. it is a old school space fighter not a boardgame re re

JasonXE5863d ago

this is not scramble the board game?? See, this really piss me off b/c scramble was more worth teh time to download.

JasonXE5863d ago

i was looking for a scramble board game image on google but nothing came up.

G_CodeMonkey5863d ago

When's Defender coming out?

ClayPige0n5863d ago

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