GameSpot gives 6/10 to Wii Naruto: Clash of Ninja Revolution

The Clash of Ninja games haven't been great, and Revolution isn't much more than a thin coat of paint on the same old game.

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DeckUKold3994d ago

i love this game still enjoying this and ultimate ninja 2 i don't get they taste and this game is a lot better than Mario and Sonic probably cause i'm a serious Naruto head

IGNFTW3994d ago


antoinetm3994d ago

The naruto games have always been fun especially those on GC.

stupid gamespot... maybe they should ask reviewers who acutally CARE.

djt233993d ago

i play the game at my friend house it was really good to me i dont think it should get 6 maybe 7.5 but not a 6

cooke153992d ago

this is definately not a 6/10 game.. i love it 7.5 or 8/10 for me