Elveon not coming to PS3 is reporting that Elveon, an elvish action epic will not appear on the PS3 like many game sites are saying. Elveon will only be coming to Xbox 360 and PC.

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drewdrakes4518d ago

This was already known, no need to flaunt it.

ASTAROTH4518d ago

Have you played it to call it a AAA title?? LOL. Aother overhyped 360 game. Also this news is OLLDDDDD!!!!

BIadestarX4518d ago

See the point I made before? Forza 2 may get a 2-3 months delay, but what do you PS3 fanboys get? Sub(Zero).

DJ4518d ago (Edited 4518d ago )

o well. I wonder how Project Offset is coming along.

Jay da 2KBalla4518d ago

its coming along pretty nicely for the 360 and pc.

specialguest4518d ago (Edited 4518d ago )

oh NO! i can't believe this isn't coming to the PS3!!! [/sarcasm]
anyway, so it's not coming to the PS3, i wonder what the reason was for this decision. this is a visually beautiful game, but this isn't something i would buy anyway.

lost another one to Ditech...*ahem* i mean 360.

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The story is too old to be commented.