PS3's EyeCreate Gets 6/10 From GamesRadar

Like Sony's virtual aquarium Aqua Vita, this isn't so much a game as a "utility." EyeCreate comes bundled with the PlayStation Eye and lets you record sound and video directly to your PS3's hard drive. While this may sound excellent, it's not actually that exciting because your videos are recorded in a proprietary format, meaning you can't copy them to a memory stick and watch them on a computer. You can't even view them in the cross-media bar. You can only watch them through EyeCreate.

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xplosneer3998d ago

"A negative-can't watch your work outside of eyecreate"
That's WRONG. Plain WRONG. I have exported most of my videos and photos onto the XMB, where they can be sent to friends(the photos), and exported onto a USb drive/Memorystick.
Also, it's free. this review phails horribly.

Brian52473998d ago

You can export videos to fvcking youtube!

MK_Red3998d ago

OMG are you sure!? That would be really bad for GR and reviewer's reputation. (Thought the main review is from PSM3 UK!)

xplosneer3997d ago

You export it to the XMB and upload it via web browser or transfer to PC and upload. Search youtube for PSEye videos.

Danja3998d ago

lol..I saw a video from this dude..doing all kinda wierd things in his room on youtube..and he used EyeCreate...ppl..need to cut out the bias BS going on..

Bladestar3998d ago

please.. everyone.. get together.. and hold hands.. ahhhmmmmmmmmm... ahhhmmmmmmm..... ahhh.mmmmmmmm... now.. repeat after me... Gimick...

Rockstar3998d ago (Edited 3998d ago )

Repeat after me.....Gimmick <---Learning to spell is fun!

Repeat one more time...Ignored!

chasegamez3998d ago

your rating please
ps3 is hot and getting on fire now
the hater cant stop the ball now

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The story is too old to be commented.