IGN: Gamescom 2011: PlayStation Predictions

Next week IGN will be heading to Cologne, Germany, where the yearly Gamescom expo will take place. Rivaling E3 in size, scope and importance (primarily because it's open to the public), Gamescom is becoming one of the annual go-to events in terms of big industry news.

Sony has a considerable presence in Europe, and the PlayStation brand has plenty of sway there as well. With that in mind, we thought we'd compile a list of five predictions for the Sony press conference during Gamescom, which will occur on Tuesday, August 16th. Plenty of news is bound to break, and out of our five predictions, we're confident that at least a few of them will come to fruition before all is said and done.

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BitbyDeath4138d ago

Good list, i'd also like to see Sorcery again.
Starhawk is all i need though.
Bring on the space levels XD

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brew4138d ago

I'd guess -

- Vita release dates
- Quantic Dream's game - (Trailer/details) - Possibly Infraworld

remanutd554138d ago

i want to know full playstation vita details
new ps3 games
new psn games
new apps

liveActionLeveler4138d ago

Well since it's not releasing in the west this year I wouldn't count on a date for that yet. Maybe a date for Japan, but that would probably still be saved for TGS. I just hope and really expect Sony to show some big 3rd party western titles for Vita, CoD Please!!

ChiVoLok04138d ago

I thought I saw a teaser trailer for God of War IV. Has anyone else seen it? Also I would like a Jak & Daxter collection and a Ratchet and Clank collection. Hope the PS3 gets a price drop to get a new slim because my fat one overheats and the fans are loud and annoying,

MoreRPG4138d ago

i want my vita for holidays so make it happen sony

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The story is too old to be commented.