Review: SOCOM: Tactical Strike is the most Stealth/Strategy-based SOCOM Yet

SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Tactical Strike is the third SOCOM title to land on the PSP, but this isn't your typical SOCOM title. Unlike the previous two installments that appeared on the PSP, this title is more heavily concentrated on tactical teamwork as opposed to solo missions. SOCOM: Tactical Strike has the U.S. SEALs moving into Panama during an uprising of insurgents to safely remove the ambassador. You'll be able to call all the shots as you control the entire SEAL squad in combat and decide the best plan of action.

What's Hot?
SOCOM Tactical Strike offers a new, refreshing look at the series. With player's calling the shots this time around, this gives you complete control over the entire SEAL squad and makes you think of a strategy and actions to complete the mission. Although you won't control any of your Squad-mates directly, you'll be able to issue commands such as shoot, move, toss grenade, snipe, or stay. Once you issue your commands, it's up to the AI to take care of the rest.

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