Broken Playstation 3 Games A Growing Trend? With the release of Fallout 3 on the Xbox 360, Pc and Ps3 this week, there has been controversy over the Playstation 3 version containing game stopping glitches. With the Xbox360 and the PC versions running fine, it has raised the question of why so many Playstation 3 releases are broken on release date relying on a patch.

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FBl4544d ago

Websites looking for hits through flame-bait a growing trend

Lord Shuhei Yoshida4544d ago

But they will fail.Just look at the Kotaku numbers

RAF-TECH4544d ago

PS3 fans being in denial are being a trend.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi4544d ago (Edited 4544d ago )

These Stupid internet sites will Fail just like the xBox 360 and it's Fans are Failing!!!

htownplaya4544d ago

Sony needs to get their act together, when I buy a game, I wanna play it.

omodis4204544d ago

I haven't had any problems with this game. Also its not just PS3 its the 360 version and the PC version as well. Go look at Bethesda forums.

PotNoodle4544d ago

Its nothing to do with sony, its the developers. If Other developers can deliver games with no technical problems what-so-ever on the ps3 then why can't these developers take some time and start testing their stuff before they release it.


ultimolu4544d ago

...Why don't we blame Sony for world hunger as well?
Don't you think ENOUGH blame as been going around already?

ape0074544d ago (Edited 4544d ago )

to be honest I love my ps3 more than my 360 and I know ps3 has more potential(look at kz 2 it blows everything I 've ever seen in this gen) but the truth that the ps3 version of gta 4 has so much blur,jaggies and much more slowdown,sites like ign didn't tell the truth,cause R wanna gta 4 to sell as much as possible,saints row 2 looks so much clear than gta 4 ps3 but gta 4 for 360 is just more crisp,detailed than sr2,it made sr2 look like sorry to say but "crap"

the 360 version of gta 4 tbh(no fanboyism at all)looks much more clear,crisper,sharper,framrate is so much smoother,has much less jaggies,looks overall much better,when I just switch the tv to ps3 version,it looks SO blurry,it runs so rough,I found the ps3 version barely playable after playing 360 version for along time,rockstar really done a bad job matching gta 4 on ps3,even when you drive fast in gta 4 ps3,the whole screen becomes so fuzzy,blurry,ghosty and has massive slowdown to a point where I couldn't play more,just drive fast into a bridge from one city to another with a road block waiting for you at the end of the bridge and crash on it,the game almost freezez,it's like spoiling acid all over the screen

am telling the truth.

if you don't want to believe me just press the disagree sign

Genesis54544d ago

Only when developers try to get away with running PC code on it. They always have to learn the hardway it won't work. It has to be coded for the Cell or you're not going to get the performance you're looking for.

Fortunately there is a lot of good games that are developed properly for the PS3. So the developers that try to pass off crap to me won't get my money.

Gothdom4544d ago

The problem is not coming from Sony, it's coming from the devs. Did you notice that games built on Ps3 then ported on 360 look better and work better? This will change next year, I hear alot of third parties a switching to PS3 to build their games, such as Skate 2.

ape0074544d ago (Edited 4544d ago )

guys think,it's not sony to blame,it's devs to blame but not directly

ps3 has a brand new arcitecture,if devs get used to it,you'll see massive results,just look at kz 2

devs please take note,use ps3 as the lead console,learn it's new structure,we want to move games ahead

and rockstar please,I will say this for the 1000 time

gta 5 ps3 exclusive

blu-ray+cell processor+ps3's power+HDD installs=imagination can go forever.

but sam,dan,learn more about ps3's power and since I'm a huge gta fan,you should listen to me,don't worry,yes 360 has huge install base no one can deny that but if you do it ps3 exclusive,everyone will jump and buy a ps3 for it like in gta 3

Jinxstar4544d ago

@ Ape007

To be honest bro when you compare GTA4 you leave out a lot. The PS3 version had much less pop in and framerate issues as well as when they compared explosions and on screen action i.e. traffic/people/trains and all that the PS3 had more going on but the textures were dumbed down. it was ported then upgraded...

Colors were more vibrant in the PS3 version. I honestly think I prefer a more clinical look that the 360 had but most people prefered the color and the only time you could see the jaggies was really if you sat an inch from the TV...

BattleAxe4544d ago

The only other broken PS3 games that come to mind are EA games like:

- The Orange Box
- BattleField: Bad Company (XBOX version had some bugs too)

Other then that, the only real graphically inferior ports that I can think of are

- Quake Wars

For the most part most PS3 ports have been just fine with very few differences.

When you have games like:

- CoD4
- GTA 4
- Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2
- Rainbow Six Vegas
- Rainbow Six Vegas 2
- FarCry 2

that all come out looking great and playing great on both systems, then there really isn't any excuse for devs to produce crappy ports.

Eddie201014544d ago (Edited 4544d ago )

Another fanboy article bashing the PS3, anyone with any sence knows that the 360 has had its fair shair of games that needed patching out of the box, and I don't even want to talk about PC games that have had the same problem, too many to count.

There are many games on the 360 that have low frame rate, jaggys stuttering cut scenes, low rez textures, pop in, screen taring, getting stuck in the envirement, and crashing. some of those even after having been patched still have problems.

Halo 3: lowered rezolution, few minor bugs
Gears Of War: Low framrate and stuttering cut scenes, and minor bugs.
Mass affect: all kinds of tecnichal issues.
Guitar Hero 2: guitar not performing well or at all out of the box, and bricking some peoples systems till they released new firmware.
Fable 2: all kinds of technical issues.
Ninja Guiden 2: crashing and other problems out of the box.

and there are others that I can't think off the top of head.

I know that the PS3 has had games released with tecnical problems that needed to be fixed, my point is.. it's a problem with games on any system these days, always has been on the PC. Just seems that evertime there is any kind of issue, made up or real, the fanboys take the oppertunity to bash the PS3 and Sony and I doupt they have ever pointed out any of the numorous issues that the Xbox 360 has.

Fallout is not without problems on any of the platforms.

CrippleH4544d ago

It's Bethesda Fault. From the start they said PS3 version will be a port and PS3's version will be the same.

Sound more like arrogance to me.

cleanhealthy124530d ago

you fanboys are such nerdy losers look at all the disagrees like at comment # 1for example when hes clearly right, do you wanna play broken games at release? wtf, L-O-S-E-R-S

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FBl4544d ago

I'm probably buy another copy of Fallout 3 on Ps3 just because I can

nos4speed4544d ago

Buy me a copy while ur out, I dont want the game but hey hoh if ur getting 2 might as well share the wealth ;P

RAF-TECH4544d ago


Deviant4544d ago

first it was TH then Fable2 and now Fallout 3 ...conclusion every system/game got its flaws

jayvivz4544d ago

seriously FBI? if this post wasn't true or if you didn't believe some part of it was true then would you be saying this huh? fanboys get so pissy soon as an issue they don't agree with is addressed. guess if it's not praising a console it's automatically flame bait. smh. you know what makes it worse? a PS3 owner wrote this article.