Dear Nolan North, please stop talking

Nolan North is a fine voice actor, playing the part of himself in Uncharted, as well as himself in Prince of Persia. He also voices some characters that actually aren't just Nolan North, such as Raphael from TMNT, which is Nolan North with a New York accent.

Nolan North has become the Samuel L. Jackson of video game voice work, popping up in just about every video game from 2009 into the foreseeable future. And much like Sammy Jack, sometimes there really can be too much of a good thing.

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Kran2845d ago

You can never have too much Nolan North. I was shocked when I found him in Portal 2. I had no clue until I saw the credits.

Twizlex2845d ago

Nolan North is awesome and very talented. But just like porn, sometimes you have to take a break.

MintBerryCrunch2844d ago

makes no sense, the guy has talent, that would be like telling DiCaprio to stop doing movies because he has done so many, yet recently he has made one great movie after another

iamnsuperman2844d ago

Disagree with you and the article. Samuel L Jackson isn't a fantastic actor. Nolan North is a fantastic voice actor. There is a major difference here.

Cardenjs2845d ago

Dont blame Nolan, he auditions for every role; Blame the companies that hire him every chance they get.

aquamala2845d ago

I hope most of my $60 are not going toward paying actors/voice actors. If they used anyone else for the part would Uncharted series be any less good?

Lucreto2845d ago

I found a copy of nolan north demo tape online some time ago. He has a huge range.

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