G4TV: Bodycount Hands-On Preview

G4: "Despite being on our radars for what seems like a couple years, we really haven’t seen much of Codemaster’s adrenaline fueled, kaboom-fest Bodycount, which is a bit of a shame given its Black-inspired lineage."

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OhMyGandhi3765d ago

this game has me nervous.
I loved "Black" and that game STILL looks fantastic even nowadays, but this game seems rather lacking in the "gun porn" department. I get the feeling that they are not sure exactly what their influences are: is it a game like Killzone with it's attention to detail to how a gun can look and how it fires, or is it more in common with a game like "The Club" with rooms to blast through, and baddies that fly across the screen when shot?

I am hoping for the best with this game.