Valve getting "pretty ambitious" with Episode Three

Valve Software has revealed it's aiming for something pretty ambitious for the final chapter in the current Gordon Freeman storyline.

Its plan has emerged from a question put to Valve's David Speyrer on the absence of an Episode Three trailer at the end of Episode Two.

Explaining that one of the reasons for the lack of a trailer was to avoid diluting the ending of the second episode, Speyrer added that another reason "was to leave us open on Episode Three" in an interview on Rock, Paper, Shotgun.

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ThisIsWaiting4022d ago

Valve is awesome and the HL series is one of the best series in gaming imo.

CrashSharc4022d ago

HL is just so classy and feels very high quality. But since my laptop sucks so much I'm not gonna buy the PC version. ORANGE BOX 4 PS3 WHERE ARE YOU!!!!???? it's gonna be awesome... I hope. Hopefully the devs take a page from Infinity Ward... especially Gabe N.

xboxlj4022d ago

The halflife 2 series is the best gaming franchise to date.

zonetrooper54022d ago

Actually there is gonna be a Half Life 2:EP4 which won't be made by Valve but by another third party company under the supervision of Valve so that the game does stay awesome.

I would love it if they made Half Life 3 but they are making alot of money at the moment so I don't expect them to do that just yet.

Blood_Spiller4022d ago

Half-Life 3 = Episdoes 1-3

Blackmoon4022d ago

Not really valve has stated that the Half-Life series isn't over after Episode Three and that they'll also be likely abandoning the episodic structure after that which makes the next logical game; "Half-Life 3"

There is a reason why Valve named them "Half-Life 2: Episode ___"

PS360PCROCKS4022d ago

Only briefly played Half Life on PC online and it was pretty fun, never actually played the real game...hmm I should try orange box...

jay34022d ago

Yeah I suggest you get it. It's a great experience to go through it all fresh. That's what I did, I never played HL2, and this was just great. And then you have Portal and TF2?

You won't be disappointed. Have fun :)

Charlie26884022d ago

Does "pretty ambitious" mean releasing the next episode in the 6 months as originally stipulated with the "episodic" content?

Cuz seriously at this point my children will be playing HL3

jackdoe4022d ago (Edited 4022d ago )

"Pretty ambitious" means it won't come out for another year or two.

Syko4022d ago

Drop all development on Half Life and GIMMIE MORE PORTAL!! Please, lol

Rooted_Dust4022d ago

Valve will be updating the SDK shortly and then we'll be able to play custom Portal, TF2, and Episode 2 content. That is unless you're on a console.

Syko4022d ago (Edited 4022d ago )

Dude I will upgrade my computer just for Portal. I love this game and with the user created levels already exploding this game will have a sick following on the PC. I wouldn't hesitate to buy it again on the PC.

35 PC levels right here:

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