What would you change in the history of gaming if you could?

MWEB GameZone writes: "The things we would change in the gaming industry if we found ourselves in the possession of a time machine."

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Sillicur1358d ago

Okay GabeN, lets count to 10!

"1 2 4 5 6 7 8 9 10"


affrogamer1357d ago

I would deffly change the guts of the PS3 to make it easier for developers to work with.

Relientk771357d ago

Valve sucks at making a third game for like any series.

Where's Portal 3 and Half Life 3

Sillicur1357d ago

And Left for Dead, and Team Fortress!

Rebel_Scum1358d ago

People's shitty attitude's towards developers.

-Foxtrot1358d ago

How about developers shitty attitudes towards us...

MT, Season Passes, Disc Locked Content, PR hype then failing to deliver, over priced DLC, Cut content, thinking we're stupid.

I_am_Batman1358d ago

Most of these points are on the publisher rather than the developer. And the reason why they exist is because most of the time they get away with them. If consumers keep buying, publishers will keep milking their franchises. The fact that these practices keep working tilts me towards agreeing with the notion that the average consumer isn't exactly a genius.

Rebel_Scum1358d ago (Edited 1358d ago )

Playing the victim? That's weak.

Summons751357d ago

Not to mention the few devs who have god-complexes thinking everything they make is perfect and will insult everyone or everything who offers but even the slightest criticism. Ninja Theory comes to mind on that one.

zerocarnage1357d ago

I respect devs and what they do, I do not however respect the methods of money whoring that has extremely gone way beyond crazy this gen.

They earn enough from full game sales and a season pass that once used to be when they developed dlc meant you got every bit of it created and it should of stopped there.

Free2plays is where micro transactions were born and I don't blame pc players with hate towards the console and mobile players. If it wasn't for us console and mobile phone players ever buying into micros on a full priced game the pc players wouldn't be having that issue either, the whole micro transactions would of stayed put on free2plays.

jjj03091357d ago

"Gamers are the worst fucking people"
"Gamers are dead"
"Gamer culture is so toxic and vulgar"
"We peovide and you eat"
"Gamers are the most entitled people on earth"
I wonder where those actual quotes came from which mouths of certain group.
>Playing the victim
So we playing the victim, huh? After all those disdain against customers? After all those groundless elitism contempt toward us? After all those fake harassing claims from them which debuked million times? After all those productive, sincere criticism from the customers devalued into 'Bitching' and 'Whinning'? After all their failures and mistakes blamed onto customers?
WE playing the victim, you say?
Now that's beyond weak. That is pathetic.

Dragonscale1357d ago

Devs sometimes deserve criticism just like anyone else.

Rebel_Scum1357d ago

That's absolutely right, constructive criticism. Death threats, review bombs and general whining or negativity without at least having something nice to say or phrasing it more constructively is what I'm getting at.

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KazumaKiryu1358d ago

Remove all and any notion of multiplayer. Began the downfall of story driven games.

Summons751357d ago

Story driven games are going fine...when did they ever go away? Though I do agree there was that dark period last gen where devs shoved multiplayer into games that were better left without.

zerocarnage1357d ago

Multiplayer wasn't the downfall of story driven games, multiplayer had been around for ages on pc, yet there mp games had good story's especially on mmo's.

Yes I agree story driven games have been In decline, but it's more than just blaming it on multiplayer games. First off you have devs who are solely choosing to create content that is easier and less time demanding, story driven content requires a lot of work, which may answer the question where the answer I think is devs are getting or ha e gotten lazier. I also think devs are catering to what pulls the money in, if they see whatever mode is working for there game they won't create another less money making mode which is a damn shame.

I agree that there should be more story driven games, problem lies is there's not many publishers and devs that will go out and create Bethesda style games with hundreds if not thousands of hours on.

That is why I'm not buying another game now till January when monster Hunter world comes out, that will have all the boxes ticked for me and I'm glad I can play one on my Xbox finally. I just hope it sells well for Capcom on all machines and they start making that game multiplatform from now on.

Gamble201357d ago

If you specified online multiplayer I’d be more sympathetic. I actually would name the downfall of local split screen multiplayer as something I would change.

AspiringProGenji1358d ago (Edited 1358d ago )

Save Zipper Interactives

Relientk771358d ago (Edited 1358d ago )

Keep Spyro the Dragon with Insomniac Games, prevent it from going to Activision and then them turning him into an ugly crackhead dragon.

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