XBLA’s Most Wanted: Grim Fandango

In our weekly XBLA's Most Wanted feature we look at a cult classic from LucasArts released at the end of the point-and-click genre's prime.

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cain1412846d ago

Too many people missed this game the first time it came around. I say bring it back!

NewMonday2846d ago

best point and click adventure game ever, would love a re-release

Anon19742846d ago

Absolutely. Grim Fandango is the best point and click adventure game, full stop. It will always be on best games of all time list and I think if any game deserves to find a wider audience, it was this one. Excellent style, excellent characters, fantastic story, challenging puzzles and a tonne of heart and humor.

Why o why2846d ago

still got my copy...lucasarts used to be the sh!t

Mnemonic-DK2846d ago (Edited 2846d ago )

@darkride66: Actually, Grim Fandango is not a point-and-click adventure game - one of the reasons it didn't become as famous as the Monkey Island series is that Lucasarts replaced the SCUMM interface from their earlier adventure games with grimE - and many people didn't like it very much.

It is a bit strange to use compared to the mouse interface from the previous games from Lucasarts, but Grim Fandango is the reason I will buy any Tim Schafer game no matter what the reviews says about it!

Edit: Oh - and most importantly: I would buy a re-make of it on both PC and PSN - just like I did with the Monkey games... ;)

Acquiescence2846d ago

Just jazz up the graphics a little so that the character models don't look like a complete angular mess and hey presto - Grim Fandango goodness for all 360 and PS3 users.

I've got it for the PC anyway, and it truly is one of the greatest games ever created.

smmelton2846d ago

Yep, that's pretty much what we thought too. Take the polygons from 250 on a character to 2,000 and re-render the original backgrounds to HD resolution (they're pre-rendered) and that's it. For the most part here we're talking a code port, and even if that's all it was people would be happy.