Mark Rein: PS3 UT3 graphics better than Gears of War

PS3 UT3 has better graphics than Gears of War according to Mark Rein, Epic's vice president.

Speaking in an interview with Pro-G at the launch of the PC version of the game, Rein said that he was "really proud" of the PS3 game.

He said: "People are going to be pleasantly surprised. It's a really high end experience that pushes the graphics bar up even higher than Gears of War. There's more polygons, there's more stuff going on, there's more explosions and there's more things happening, so we're just really pleased with the way the game runs on the PS3."

Rein said that there is "something special" about playing UT3 on the PS3, and that while the speed of the game has been reduced by about 20%, "it feels just right to be playing it with a controller".

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Violater5441d ago (Edited 5441d ago )

After playing COD4 none of these other games look good to me.
Edit: yea the dude with 3 bubbles is calling me retarded.

KINGDRAMA5441d ago (Edited 5441d ago )


UT3 is MUCH BETTER THAN COD4 MP/sound/gameplay/gfx/maps/veh icle/funfactorwise.

much better.
much much much better.
Im running it on a high end pc, if the ps3 version gfx R HALF as good as that it will sell millions.


Sam Fisher5441d ago

Manhunt 2 got way better graphics then this

radzy5441d ago (Edited 5441d ago )

"about playing UT3 on the PS3, and that while the speed of the game has been reduced by about 20%"

a)i wonder why the speed had to be reduced by 20%???
b)maybe ps3 cant handle it at proper speed???
c)when 360 comes out , i think it will run at 100% speed , not 80% like ps3???
d)they had framerate issues and tearing when running higher than 80%.

Lionsguard5441d ago (Edited 5441d ago )

It's because not everyone is going to be playing it with a Mouse+keyboard which is supported retard. You expect them to put it at PC speeds? Good luck aiming.

TheXgamerLive5441d ago

It's a minimal difference and all sony fans should be proud that there even getting the game on this level.

COD 4 has some issues as we've seen as well, however minor it's still there and always will be.

Just be happy you still get a great game delayed though til next year.

Firewire5441d ago

Ok guys, just to state the obvious, Mark Rein has said in the past that both console versions will be slowed down to compensate for console controllers. Live with it! Anyone who is trying to make this into a console vs console bull crap is a complete moron! I'm looking at some of the above posters here!

I wonder when or if some of you will ever grow up & become mature posters on N4G. Because some of you look like complete idiots to those that try and have meaningful debates about games.

Lionsguard5441d ago

I'd love to play you UT3, me with a Keyboard+Mouse and you on a console controller and I will bet my left testicle that by the end of the day when the game crashed because it can't handle the huge number of my kills compared to your meager 1-2 kills due to my bathroom and nap breaks, you'll want to kill yourself over sheer frustration. You trying to spin this so your xbox will look better is futile. No game on PS3 or XBOX can run at PC UT3 speeds because it'd be impossible to play. Now pull your head out of Mr. Gate's ass and breathe the fresh air because the stench is getting to your brain cells.

tatical5441d ago (Edited 5441d ago )

@radzy & XGamer

Watch the video and be thankful that it was slowed down 20% (unless you're one of the few that'll use a keyboard & mouse). It wasn't slowed down because the PS3 is underpowered.

Lionsguard5441d ago

lol at Radzy and Xgamer probably disagreeing with me haha whatever noobs.

JsonHenry5440d ago

Umm... I can tell you that Gears on my PC looks better than the UT3 demo does.

UnasFortuna5440d ago

The article is talking about the differences between the PC version and the console version. There is no console out (not even the PS3) that can handle the speed of a gaming computer. Stop flapping your gums before you hurt yourself with that nonsense. Of course the console version is going to run a "little slower". 20%???? Not that big of a difference, but that is probably why there will not be any "inter-format" gaming (ie. online 360-PC-PS3) with this game. This game is going to be amazing and will put Gears to shame which IS my favorite so far on the 360.

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Sayai jin5441d ago

Good, I figure it would raise the bar as far s graphics. I can not wait to get it. A company should always improve. UT# has surpassed GOW as far as graphics and maybe gameplay, but I know GOW 2 will surpass UT3 the same when it is released next year.

Dpa5441d ago

GOW2 hasnt even been confirmed yet. Epic said they would like to make another gears game but its not definite.

G_CodeMonkey5441d ago (Edited 5441d ago )

You honestly think there is a chance they will NOT make GoW2? Wake up and smell the money--Epic has. GoW2 will be a money forest planted in their backyard. They're just waiting announcement to keep focus on their upcoming product (UT3). gCM

Bleucrunch5441d ago

Just bring Gears of War2 to the ps3 and then we can where it can truly go.

ElementX5441d ago

Gears of War game out a year ago. I hope the graphics would be better. Another stupid comment.....

THE_JUDGE5441d ago

Its been a year so they should have stepped their graphics game up. I can't wait to try the game, I hope it comes out this year. And I'm getting pretty sick of everyone comparing games to Gears, there are plenty of superior graphic games out now.

Wii60_FTW5440d ago

I played the UT3 demo on PC maxed-out. Looked crap to me. Gears still looks better. UT3 will NOT look better. And I was really expecting it to.

scrillakiller5441d ago

xbots said ps3 couldnt do gears of war.newsflash ps3 is the strongest console out

Bladestar5441d ago (Edited 5441d ago )

UT3 is not gears.. did you know that. Gears of war influenced the design of the xbox 360 in terms of graphics... you don't remember EPIC branging how they made Microsoft spend 1 billion dollards if they wanted the xbox 360 to run gears... Gears take advantage of the xbox 360 unified memory... havent you seen enough failures by 3rd party developers to just port games to the PS3 from the xbox 360?
What make you think gears can just be ported?
Gears would have to be created from the ground up... coded for the PS3... which means (in case you don't understand) not be the same game in it's current form.

Also, just because COD was released on mobile phones no one can't say... "ohh look... who needs a PS3 or xbox 360... I have it on my cell phone.". Gears on the PS3.. we will never know if it can just be ported.

rofldings5441d ago

It runs on the same engine ... did you know that?

Sam Fisher5441d ago

engine is how it works smoothly and well by gameplay with framerate... hes talking bout the graphical department

Skerj5441d ago

UH the engine allows the graphics to be of that calibre, you didn't see Gears on the engine that ran UT2k3 and 4 did you?

Bladestar5441d ago

are you talking about the same game engine lots of developers are having problems to run on the PS3? It's obvious that the engine had lots of improvements and optimization since gears came out. Why else did you think EPIC was so eager to make a game for the PS3?
When it was said that gears couldn't be done for the PS3 maybe at that time it was not possible since the Unreal engine was not able to.
maybe things changed.... but one thing is sure... UT can be done on the 360...

unlimited5441d ago

of course gear of war can run on the 360 xbots got owned!!

Skerj5441d ago (Edited 5441d ago )

UT was always coming to PS3, that was said before Gears was even out. No one is disputing whether or not UT3 can be done on 360, we all know it can be as the engine has ran quite well on the system in the various games that use it. The PS3 however did have issues which has been stated as being fixed due to Sony actually being proactive with developers now. That said, personally I do believe Gears can very well be done on the PS3. Will we see it? No, MS owns the IP but the graphic intensive part is done and let's be honest the gameplay wasn't that deep. Kill.Switch pulled that off last gen.

Instead of these petty ass fanboy squabbles from both sides, worry about if the games are actually going to be good. I mean that's what people are fighting over right? I've seen a lot of mediocre crap made with this engine and I've seen a few gems. Same thing happened with the last 2 incarnations though which shows that it's going to take more than licensing a high profile engine to make a good game.

See you all on Deck 16.

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fredy5441d ago (Edited 5441d ago )

I would hope that it is given extra year and updated Engine..

But will the difference really be noticed when the 360 UT3 co mes out well we will see..

is UT3 close quarter combat like Gears was? it looks like the maps are larger and supprt more players.