What Will Make Marvel Vs Capcom 3 "Ultimate"

GamersGameplay writes "Marvel VS Capcom 3 released with so much hype in February to be met with mixed reviews. Sure, the gameplay is MvC all the way but the lack of content for a game that fans wanted for 10 years was missing. The lackluster story mode and horrible online lobbies made a lot of fans upset after a great release of Super Street Fighter IV. Now this upcoming November, we have Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3, a re-released copy of MvC3 with a confirmed 10 extra characters. What will make Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 a better release than the original? Here are some things we at GamersGameplay would love to see."

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Farsendor12842d ago

only way this game could be any good if it came to pc.

SteveThe1ne2842d ago

A PC release would be nice, but I am not sure if Capcom will do so. They seem to not want to give fans what they ask for lately...

TurismoGTR2842d ago

3 more characters makes it teh ULTIMATE !

JsonHenry2842d ago

They have to add Slapstick to the roster for it to be Ultimate.

SteveThe1ne2842d ago

I hate the fact that its coming out to, but at least if they are going to do this they can improve on what was wrong with Marvel vs Capcom 3.

PygmelionHunter2842d ago

...and a bitch slap to those who bought the original release.

DA_SHREDDER2842d ago

More like the ultimate smack to the face. It's cause of this is the main reason why I won't buy games new anymore.

Pikajew2842d ago

That they will use the Ultimate versions of the Marvel characters instead of the 616 universe

OtakuRockU2842d ago

That does sound pretty "Ultimate" to me. Make it happen Capcom!

Gamehard2842d ago

With the new half black, half hispanic spider man!

maniacmayhem2842d ago

They will sell the Ultimate costumes as DLC.

J86blum2842d ago

PC release would be nice, but I wonder the reason is they don't want people modding it.

Happythedog2842d ago

King Of Fighters 13 or This?

SteveThe1ne2842d ago

I personally would enjoy King of Fighters more but that is because I am a fan of their playstyle. I'm glad KoF13 is adding a much needed change considering how bad KoF12 was.

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The story is too old to be commented.