This Year So Far: Good or Bad?

The start of this year promised to have one of the best line up of game releases in a while. With sequels to some of the best games in previous years coming out nearly every month.

However it seemed that nearly every time these “hyped” games were released I was soon met with the disappointing reviews from gaming sites and magazines.

Read this article for some of the best, and the worst, games to come out this year.

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mobijoker2846d ago

Mixed bag IMO.....first 3 months were not as good as 2010 with highly anticipated titles coming short of expectations(i.e.Crysis 2,DA 2 etc.).The next three months were better bcoz of titles like Witcher 2,Portal 2,
LA noire etc.But it has been great year for small game devs as plenty of indy titles were of superb quality.

Hilbomb2846d ago

Nah Bought nothing of it..

Just waiting for the top games.. Deus Ex , Battlefield 3 , Uncharted 3 , Modern warfare 3 , SKyrim

Stealth2k2846d ago (Edited 2846d ago )

Its been pretty damn bad for blockbuster releases

bulletstorm = 0 profit
la noire - 0 profit studio goes bankrupt
kill zone 3 = 0 profit
Crysis 2 and DA 2 were terrible. LBP 2 had an amazing editor but the levels they included left alot to be desired.

Portal 2 was fine and so was witcher 2 and infamous 2. Pokemon was good, okamiden was good, radiant historia was good, trails in the sky was good, tactics ogre psp was good, recoded was good and a bunch of other things I am forgetting.

The best games this year so afar to me have been portable releases

CGI-Quality2846d ago

I'm curious, how do you know Killzone 3 made no money? On top of that, do you play profits or games?

Anyway, this year has been packed full of games (especially for PS3), but I enjoyed the first half of 2010 better because this year hasn't had any titles that hit me like God of War III, Heavy Rain, & Alan Wake did. I have a feeling my thoughts will change dramatically once the Fall titles start releasing, however!

Stealth2k2846d ago

have you heard them talkign about how much profit the game made?

this year has been one generic looking thing after another

gaden_malak2846d ago

Never heard any dev brag about profits

Seventh_Blood_Reborn2846d ago

Very good to me, list of games played:

Dead Space 2
Little Big Planet 2
Mass Effect 2
Two Worlds 2
Pixel Junk Shooter 2
Motorstorm Apocalypse
Killzone 3
Yakuza 4
Infamous 2
Shadows of the Damned
Mortal Kombat
L.A. Noire

I am satisfied so far!

gaden_malak2846d ago

Happy with Infamous 2 (loved it) and LA Noire. Haven't yet popped in KZ3 and need to get Dead Space 2.

But so far I have been playing catch up on my backlog.

2846d ago
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