New Uncharted: Drake's Fortune images

New images from the demo of Uncharted: Drake's Fortune .... Enjoy

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The_Engineer4088d ago

no other game out there is going to beat the gameplay and graphics in uncharted. sorry mass effect, If I want to watch endless dialogue I rent a movie for much cheaper.

allforcalisto4088d ago

assassin's goty for me.
i think this game does look the $hit though

Bathyj4088d ago

I agree. I think this is the game I've wanted my whole life. I've always love 3rd person shooters and exploration but no game has ever really nailed it right. If only he had a whip.

king19904088d ago

I can't believe this
the graphics and the sound are awesome
I can't Imagine how Killzone 2 will look

pandabear4088d ago

This does look amazing - no one is getting christams presents this year cos I'll have no money left after buying Unchartered, COD4, WWE, Ratchet & Assasins.

Look at the 4th picture - the rocks are amazing - I could sware they are real!!!

hanson5204088d ago

no any Console can run this game! just PS3...

can't wait

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The story is too old to be commented.