PS3 Telling Stories in Europe

Sony has pulled back the curtain on its brand new European online campaign for its forthcoming PS3 console.

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TheMART5864d ago

Telling stories or lies?

Oh wait it's Sony so that's the same with them.

Let's pull a Sony!


HaHa5864d ago

dirty dishes to wash, marta. now get to work

RealDoubleJ5864d ago

Microsoft were the same. They listed a ton of things you could do with your 360 that we had to wait 6 months for the upgrade to make it all work properly. Hang your fanboy hat on the rack & mellow out.

badkolo5864d ago

its a lie, no ps3 for europe so this story is false. end of story, flock like sheep still, sony lied once again, no europe, no rusiia, no australia, al of europe has been cut off the launch till march.

R Swipe5864d ago

How to shaft an important market by luring them with a release date, only to say sorry we can't produce enough working units to satisfy demand!

What next will Ken be luring people with the promise of seeing puppies or sweets?

Typical Sony

super bill5864d ago

WHO? never heard of the PS3,especially in europe.