LA Noire: The Best Game of 2011 (So far)

We are now in the month of August, which means the year is already more than halfway completed. I know it's shocking. In the gaming media, there isn't really much to discuss in the summer months besides ridiculous rumors and groundless speculation. Summer is a very stale season for video games, unless you enjoy terrible video games based upon an upcoming summer blockbuster. Besides that, there isn't anything left to discuss. So to spare you from the mundane summer gaming blues, we'll discuss, what I think, was the best game to rise out of the rocky terrain as of now. Team Bondi and Rockstar's, "LA Noire."

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JoGam2844d ago

I don't think so. Its was different and good but so is Catherine.

xPhearR3dx2844d ago

lol please. L.A. Noire craps all over inFamous 2.

LarVanian2844d ago

LA Noire doesn't even hold a candle to the first inFamous. It was a good game, but it could get unbelievably boring at times. And the whole interrogation element was poorly executed IMO. Most of the time you would get the same outcome, even if you answer all of them incorrectly.

newn4gguy2844d ago

xPhearR3dx - I respect opinions, but I'm fairly certain you haven't played inFamous 2 if that's how you feel about it. I can't be for sure, but...

MysticStrummer2844d ago

I finally forced myself to finish LA Noire today. It's one of the most overrated games of this generation. I played through Infamous twice when I had the game on disc, then downloaded the game from PSN to play it again. I can't speak about Infamous 2, but if it's anything like the first then it's a much better game than LA Noire. LBP2 and Portal 2 are both miles better than LA Noire though.

Army_of_Darkness2844d ago (Edited 2844d ago )

It would have been my contender for game of the year cause I enjoy everything about it, but yes, the graphics could be much better... That's just me though ;)

so... I would have to go with dead space 2 as of now.

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LarVanian2844d ago (Edited 2844d ago )

Whether you believe LA Noire is the best game or even worst game so far this year is up to you.
For me LBP2, Mass Effect 2 on PS3, Bulletstorm and inFamous 2 were much better games.

math2844d ago

GOTY will probably be Portal 2, I'm just sayin.

seinfan2844d ago

Are we forgetting Gears, Uncharted, Arkham City, and Skyrim here?

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The story is too old to be commented.