GameZone - Madden NFL 12 - Top 5 Running Backs

GameZone weighs in on the top 5 Running Backs featured in Madden NFL 12

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NyGiants72846d ago

Those are good rating IMO

Urrakia342846d ago

Sooooo what about AP's ball security stat?

NyGiants72846d ago

He fumbled once last year so It should be pretty good, I'm worried about Ahmad Bradshaw though... :(

dktxx22846d ago

I don't think you could even make the argument that McFadden is better than any of those guys.

InTheZoneAC2846d ago

Still don't understand how Adrian Peterson has:

-97 speed, should be around 95
-97 elusiveness when nearly all his big yards come from stiff arms and trucks, not from making a defender miss, should be around 90.

Chris Johnson is a very finesse back and AP closely resembles that according to his madden rating when the two are completley different backs.

NyGiants72846d ago

Yeah AP usually powers through defenders but can match/be better than any player at juking and elusiveness ability o