Rumor – Team Bondi “bankrupt”, staff being scooped up by KMM

According to a post over on NeoGAF, Team Bondi are bankrupt, and studio head Brendan McNamara along with current staff members will be folded into KMM. This new rumor comes on the heals of yesterday’s report that Mcnamara was spotted walking about the KMM studios, and that a deal was in the works for it to purchase the embattled Australian development house.

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Reborn3735d ago

There's a lot of drama surrounding this.

Hope it doesn't end badly for them.

lzim3735d ago

already has. should be a lesson on treating code slaves like human beings and making projects with realistic goals. until you have several and can putter half decades or more making masterpieces.

kaveti66163735d ago

'treating code slaves like human beings'

what? reverse

Cpt_kitten3735d ago

i doubt it, if this is true rockstar should sep up and support there dev they did buy them out so to leave em out to dry like that would be uncool, and prolly have people guessing they bought them out only because they had the better had in development

HBK6193735d ago

First off, don't doubt it.

2nd, Rockstar didn't buy out Team Bondi. They simply accepted the rights to publish Team Bondi's game because they saw good potential in it. Little did they know that the head of Team Bondi was so stuck up himself that he'd turn the game into the most expensive game ever made.

sikbeta3735d ago (Edited 3735d ago )

But, HOW? they made the game for free? LA:N is a hit, it sold pretty damn well, how the hell they can go bankrupt, the tech on it was that expensive to not see any profit?


Got it, but damn that was fast and I never thought it could happen to Dev Studio with such a hit game

:P seems like David Cage was right after all, (from GAF)

gypsygib3735d ago

when a game takes 5 years to make it needs to sell like 5 million copies.

Ardorme3735d ago

It's been in development for 7 years, actually.

Also, Rockstar owns the LA Noire IP so hopefully they make a compelling sequel and fix the serious issues with the original.

gypsygib3734d ago

Thanks for the correct info. Wow 7 years! I thought 5 was already too long.

I enjoyed the game a lot but it could have been so much more.

HBK6193735d ago (Edited 3735d ago )

How is it made for free?

As Gypsy said, when a game takes as long as this did it needs to sell a lot to make the money back for both publisher and developer. Not to mention when the tech used is ridiculously expensive...It hasn't and won't sell enough to make the money back.

snowman21493735d ago

Keep in mind that LA Noire is still coming out for PC in like 2 months, that could save them.

Micro_Sony3735d ago


Thanks for the laugh m8 :0)

We are pirates dadadadada tum.

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