Get More Action With PlayStation Network PLAY

We’re excited to introduce a new PlayStation Network event: PLAY. PLAY is a brand-new annual program, where we’re bringing you four of the season’s hottest PlayStation Network action titles.

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ksense2850d ago

hmm this sounds familiar :P

buddymagoo2850d ago

I don't understand? What sounds familiar and to what?

darthv722850d ago

like what icy (below) said. Summer of arcade does a deal where if you buy all 4 games you get extra points. In this case with PSN you get another game.

MS has been successful in this venture and no reason shouldnt be as well.

lelo2play2850d ago

yep... another "original" idea by Sony.

AngelicIceDiamond2850d ago

Sounds like Xboxs summer arcade. Thats not bad

KingSlayer2850d ago

They weren't kidding when they said they were putting $20 mil in PSN over the next 3 yrs. Bout time. While they have some stellar games and exclusives, they don't do as good as MS as making you aware.

strange19862850d ago

Just what everyone needs - another Street Fighter game!

mac_sparrow2850d ago (Edited 2850d ago )

The only one I can see myself buying before a sale is The Baconing, the missus loves playing DeathSpank co-op.

mac_sparrow2850d ago

Well unless the missus is doing stealth disagrees on a website she's never heard of then someone feels a compulsion to disagree with both my purchasing habits and her gaming preferences.


Hicken2850d ago

This is the tale of Captain Mac Sparrow
On N4G, gettin ghost disagrees
He says his wife enjoys playin DeathSpank
Dirty thoughts in my head, married man on his knees.

SlyFoxC2850d ago



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