Put your console on the DMZ for an Open NAT


"Whether you play Halo, Uncharted, Killzone, Call of Duty, or Gears of War online – you have seen a message regarding your NAT (Network Address Translation) and how it may be “Moderate”, “Strict”, or simply “Not Open”. The NAT is what determines the communication between you and other players.

There are three settings most games will let you be aware of (or during testing):

Open (best) | Moderate (okay) | Strict (bad)"

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ChronoJoe2850d ago

A DMZ isn't ideal.

Even with a DMZ you might need to port forward to get everything working properly (I had to, as on the BThomehub it specifically states that you still need to port forward to get the best result).

Also, a DMZ can be a security risk. If you're leaving your PS3/360 exposed, that's cool, but now if you're leaving it exposed with open connections to the rest of your network - such as, via windows media servers. Then that could pose a security risk for your whole network.

Port forwarding is safer, better.

Fishy Fingers2850d ago

Yup, port forwarding is the way to go and there must be a million online guides explaining how to do it if your unsure.

Ocelot5252850d ago

just activate uPnP on your router. The ps3, 360 and windows will open the necessary ports for you and close the ones who aren't used.

All decent routers support it.

fatalred alarm2850d ago

uPnP doesn't always work. And some providers don'' t let you acces the DMZ.

Port forwarding was the ONLY way for me.

Baka-akaB2850d ago (Edited 2850d ago )

That would be because their dmz either doesnt activate or is truly faulty .

As for security issues , it's true but, you'd really need to be a famous jerk to be pressed to find people purposely targeting your network via a console .

Port forwarding is better , but plenty routers are fickle and got a poorly designed interface . And some of those still at least got dmz working

gamingdroid2850d ago (Edited 2850d ago )

It does pose a security risk, but I have never heard of anyone hacking into a console from the internet so leaving it in DMZ poses less risk than using your computer behind a firewall on the internet. I don't think there has been any reports of security flaws in consoles... there simply isn't any gain other than those cheaters at best trying to flood you with packets for their advantage in games (or lag switch). None of them poses a security risk though.

Consoles don't have a bunch of services idling, nor does it go onto unknown sites (unless you have a browser). The only way to thwart this is to modify the DNS to reply different ips, but then all your other electronics on the network is also screwed!

Iroquois_Pliskin2850d ago

but doenst DMZ open all ports? How is Port Fowarding better?

Baka-akaB2850d ago (Edited 2850d ago )

because ideally you dont want to open all ports only the specific ones used by the console . Still if port forwarding doesnt work well on the available router , DMZ for the console's ip is usually a great alternative .

ChronoJoe2848d ago

If port forwarding doesn't work, odds are you're doing it wrong. I've worked with 100s of routers and whilst some have temporarmental interfaces they're all capable of port forwarding.

If they weren't, and they were in fact, essentially broken, then there's a very good chance a DMZ isn't going to work either.

NewVegasTroop2850d ago

how do i DMZ my ps3? i have a Thomson modem v8 and i have tried several times to set it up but i can't :(

mac_sparrow2850d ago

Thomson routers are terrible when it com es to DMZ I'm afraid. Is it one that came from your isp such as Plusnet, madasafish etc? Sorry but I've forgotten the model number as I threw mine in the bin a few weeks ago.

The issue with them is that you assign a local IP to a device (so says the interface) but that stops traffic to all other devices half the time. The best solution I found was creating profile for port forwarding and assigning them to certain static IP's based on what console you're using.

NewVegasTroop2850d ago

hum yeah it sucks, hey what if i buy a good router like netgear, belkin, etc......would it still work with my isp company? can a use another modem/router that is not the one my isp company gave me? would i get in trouble?

mac_sparrow2849d ago

I've heard rumours that sky plays up with anything other than their router. What isp are you with? Perhaps phone them, and tell them that yours is broken, when they offer to send you one for free just ask if you can use a spare one you have.

sickpup2850d ago

DMZ means outside the firewall, hence all ports are open. This is ideal for video game consoles. I have been doing this for 6 years without problems.

HawkSE2850d ago (Edited 2850d ago )

Thank you!

younglj012850d ago

Lol DMZ do not work all tha time.I have open up all my ports and I STILL cant last more then 3-4 minutes on BC2.I have done everything EA have asked and their game still dont work.My connection works great with all my other games.

Only when I try to play BC2 is when my internet stops working.So after 2 weeks of trying too play online.I'm finally taking Bc2;UE back too gamestop and pre-order UnCharted 3.I was looking forward too Battlefield 3 but it looks like tha only shooter I'm getting later this year will be UC3.

EA and DICE really spit in tha face of one of their customers and I have learned my lesson.Neva believe tha hype bc you will be letdown just like I was....

ChronoJoe2848d ago

I used to get the same thing. DMZ didn't work but port forwarding did.