The Power of the Cloud and its Potential Future

When the Xbox One was first announced, Microsoft also provided details of a system which will change the way we all play games; The Cloud. Alas, Gamers are yet to see it at it's full potential.

Yes, the cloud has been around for quite some time now, and we have already seen it implemented in a number of ways. One, in particular has been with us since part-way through the Xbox 360's life-cycle, allowing us to store saves in 'the cloud' and continue where we left off on another Xbox 360 console half way across the globe, providing you had access to the internet of course. After all, that is how you access it.

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2pacalypsenow1887d ago

3 years and were still waiting for the "Power of the Cloud" to make games run better.

DemonChicken1887d ago

Apparently they have the Scorpio for that reason.

TheCommentator1887d ago

Apparently not. The cloud helps any device that can connect to a proper cloud network. The cloud is simply extra processing that sums with the internal processing of a device, which means that XB1 will benefit just like Scorpio will. In Crackdown 3 MS claims to have 20 XB1's worth of cloud power to render physics, so that's roughly 25tf, but 25tf is only four times greater than that of Scorpio so XB1 actually gets a proportionately greater benefit.

s45gr321887d ago

5 years from now or 3 years (crossing fingers). We gamers might finally see the power of the ☁. In 2020 however we gamers will finally see an Xbox app/PS app on a smart tv set 😄. Ending the need of outdated, outperformed, unnecessary console hardware. They told me that PS Now was not coming to PC, they were wrong.