Let's Get This Party Started: Nintendo E3 2011 Fall Preview

From the Review:

"Let’s face it, with fall quickly approaching, there’s more than our fair share of Nintendo games being released. Whether it be The Legend of Zelda: The Skyward Sword, Starfox 64 3D, Kirby Wii or Kid Icarus: Uprising, there’s certainly something for everyone!"

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zero_cool2723d ago

Let's see some new triple A exclusives nintendo not just new entries to existing exclusives that are generations old!

zero_cool2723d ago

Why not release a revamped nintendo power glove with advanced motion tracking,rumble feedback & have a high speed hd camera for tracking two power gloves at once with full body & skeletal tracking?

P.S..The technology is there & is quite advanced so why the hell not do it & take vr gaming in the home to the next level im sure they can make it affordable to mass manufacture & sell them!

Cheers Gamers Happy Gaming!