What Battlefield 3 Alpha Trial Players Get As An Exclusive Offer

So you’ve completed your duty, gave valuable feedback to DICE regarding Battlefield 3 and want to know what you’ll be getting in return for your dutiful help right? Well if you pre-order Battlefield 3 within the next 3 days via Origin, you’ll get the choice of getting Mass Effect 2, Medal of Honor, or Dead Space 2 as a special thank you.

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MAJ0R2847d ago (Edited 2847d ago )

If this was a steam deal I would be all for it, but it's not so sry EA :(


I know it's not bad, it's just annoying that I have most of my games on steam and I don't like it when EA tries to get ppl to move over to Origin by delaying or not having the release/pre-order on steam

wwm0nkey2847d ago

You know after using it, Origin really isnt bad at all and this is a REALLY good deal.

evrfighter2847d ago (Edited 2847d ago )

tbh i liked how the server browser was done through firefox. It was quick loading as well. If there was one thing that plagued BF issues at launch it was the ingame server browser.

I didn't mind using Origin during alpha as it was quick and painless getting into servers.

Doesn't mean I'll actually use it to buy games though. I'd rather buy retail and enter the cd-key into Origin if they gonna keep playing these games with Valve.

I own these games already btw though so I'm still pre-ordering with gamestop or best buy. Haven't made my decision yet.

pandehz2847d ago

I agree, Origin isn't bad. The server browser was pretty neat with all details like ping etc and was really quick to load.

Also the origin software is similar to steam, no issues whatsoever.

Ser2847d ago

Wow, now that's a deal. Good on you, EA.

iceman28852847d ago

Pretty freaking good deal. Of course I already have all these games...crap.

Oh well. Still a steal for those who did the Alpha and plan on buying the game and don't have any of those games.

Xristo2847d ago (Edited 2847d ago )

I am a loyal Steam fan but this offer was too good to pass up. I went ahead with the package and instantly received Dead Space 2....all for $63.95 (tax included)...they don't charge your CC until BF3 is released...just fyi

GrumpyVeteran2847d ago

awesome, so all those people who only had the sims on their accounts, and never owned a BF game prior that got into the alpha get special treatment too?