iPad plays Facebook games via GameBox App

In a world where apps rule, the latest innovation from a talented dev has created an app now available in the iTunes store that lets you play Facebook game titles on Apple iPads. Full story:

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SpaceSquirrel2729d ago

They have apps for just about everything

JerryMatters2729d ago

Off topic, but like the app to see if it's 'her time of the month' lol.

firemassacre2729d ago

apps and melons with sprinkles i think this is good news with scood

blumatt2729d ago

Good news for all the Facebook game fans. I played Car Town for like 3 months but eventually realized how much time I was wasting. lol The iPad really is a neat device. I had the original one for awhile but eventually sold it.

BlmThug2729d ago

Tell me when its real games

gameguidedog2729d ago

FarmVille IS a good game... oh btw, can you help me plant a carrot? (j/k)...

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