Spy Vs Spy retrospective

Spy Vs Spy – an enjoyable silly slice of violent espionage action on the GBC - is looked back at by 3DS Tribe in the hope of a 3DS eShop release...

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GamersXTREME2631d ago

Spy vs Spy was a great game on the GBC and I would easily download this for my 3DS if Nintendo releases it on the eShop!

disgaeapuchi2631d ago

I regret never playing the original myself - would love to play it on eShop though. Reminds me of the hilarious Spy Vs Spy faceoffs you get in Team Fortress 2 XD

Septic2631d ago

I used to LOVE Spy vs Spy!! Mad comics for the win!!

I always wanted the black one to win.

waltyftm2631d ago

I had this for my Spectrum 128+, loved it.

bangoskank2630d ago

Had it on for the c64... memories. This would actually work well as an online mutliplayer experience.

Rushing_Punch2630d ago

THis was a pretty good game.

maniacmayhem2630d ago

Played this on the NES with my friend. Damn good time.

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