Top 10 Castlevania Heroes

GameDynamo - "Konami has been releasing Castlevania games since 1986, and with around 34 games to date, along with numerous tie-ins and even more to come, the canon has evolved along with the cast of characters. Though Dracula is the pricipal antagonist for Castlevania's heroes, we’ve seen them do battle with all sorts of incarnations of evil. Whether struggling within themselves to balance good and evil, finishing up long-standing blood fueds, or chasing after the ghosts of loved ones, the Castlevania series has let us play as an array of great heroes over the years.

GameDynamo has compiled a list of our ten favorites here for you – so sit back, grab your favorite vampire-slaying weapon, and prepare to find out who made the list and who didn’t."

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Cpt_kitten2634d ago

no dracula? oh he can throw down a wine glass like a champ lol

TheRichterBelmont2634d ago

What is a Cup? a Miserable Pile of liquid. hehe.

CrescentFang2634d ago

Hm... no Soma? I have yet to play Castlevania games, but I thought he pretty cool

TheRichterBelmont2634d ago

Soma is God-Tier this is truth.

CrescentFang2633d ago

Oh well that's good to hear haha

jacksonmichael2633d ago

Exactly... And yet they put that usurper to the series, Gabriel above him... Some people make me sick... Or maybe it was that Subway I had...

TheRichterBelmont2634d ago

Yay, Richter. Although, Julius Belmont needs on this list.

specialguest2633d ago

I grew up during the 80s & 90s, and my most memorable Castlevania hero is Simon Belmont.

jacksonmichael2633d ago

The top three were pretty obvious... But Gabriel? Seriously?

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