The $70 Game: Will it Happen?

Jeremiah Hisel | Goozernation

$10 doesn't sound like much, but it sure has some steep implications for consumers. The question of whether or not we'll see $70 games has a simple answer, yes, we will. But what does that mean for consumers and the companies behind the games? The biggest issue is risk. It's risky for a consumer to invest $70 on a game, which means it's risky for a game company to sell a $70 game that many budget-conscious gamers might not be able to afford.

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fluffydelusions2631d ago

Eventually yes but I just hope it's not for a while.

Zardos2631d ago

It has already happened. Guess not many remember prices at the end of the SNES/Genesis era.

bustercube2631d ago

I mean an industry standard price of $70. I remember SNES and Genesis pricess going up, but not all the games for sale were that much.

Zardos2631d ago

That would be very, very, veeeery bad for the next gen. I know prices for game development (especially on AAA titles) has gone up considerably but setting the standard price at $70 would put videogames at a huge disadvantage against other forms of entertainment. I'd still buy them but wouldn't be able to buy as many since an extra $10 ($20 over Wii prices) would cut into my budget in the short and long term.

dinkeldinkse2631d ago

95% of the games I have played aren't worth 60 bucks, so why would I pay an extra 10 bucks when the same day one patches and shit dlc will come with the game costing 70 bucks?

bustercube2631d ago

I see what you're saying, but how would you get around paying that price? You have to wait almost 6 months for GS to lower the price on a newer used game(normally a new used game is $55, so then it would be $65) or use amazon, but all they do is give you a $10 credit on your next purchase. I don't see a way around it.

dinkeldinkse2631d ago

Popular titles take forever to go down in price, but other games go down in price fairly quickly. Just have to wait for titles to go down in price.

puffkix2631d ago

I felt the same way about the $60 standard. Heck I felt the same way when the standard jumped up to $50. I think there will be a lot of outcry but I think that people will still buy enough games that the industry won't change it.