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LegitGamer - The main issue I have with the game is that the popular weapons have been weakened, and it feels like a chore to kill anyone. Yet at the same time, other weapons have been vastly improved. The Bullseye’s alt-fire for example, will auto-lock on to the enemy slightly, so when you fire vaguely in their direction, they’re pretty much guaranteed to lose out in a firefight. I hope Insomniac makes some big changes to this, because it is a little disappointing, especially when they’ve had an extra year to work on things.

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gaffyh2636d ago

It does seem extremely sluggish when I played it, there were a few people online saying that the beta doesn't help Insomniac at all, because it makes people want to not buy the game. Though that guy was comparing R3 to Battlefield 3 (I know wtf?), I'm still getting it.

BldyShdw2636d ago

I may be wrong here but isn't the whole point of a beta to test a game for faults and then fix before release? If it's sluggish in the beta that has no bearing on how the actual game will be.

gaffyh2635d ago

I would normally say that too, but this beta is way too close to the release of the game for it to make much difference imo. The game is out on September 6th, and the closed beta just started at the end of July. I hope they do fix some things, because I love Resistance, and am sure the single-player will be great, but I don't like that they back-tracked on some of the good ideas in R2 (I know there weren't many).

Nitrowolf22636d ago (Edited 2636d ago )

The carbine, you move so slow with that weapon when you first start the game. other weapons gets faster as you unlock and upgrade them more. I'm getting it as well, but I don't like the weight feel for every weapon, it's different and kind of annoying. I can't kill with the carbine and that use to be my favorite gun in Resistance.
Guess that's why we have betas

IDK either, might just be cause i'm not use to the game yet.

What about climbing ladders? Doesn't that feel stiff?

trollkill2636d ago

carbine is all i use and im always in top two or three of matches with good amount of kills so idk why its an issue with you.

PR_FROM_OHIO2636d ago

I'm loving the beta and i wasn't a fan of the first 2 games online but this just has that fun factor!!!!!!!!!!!! DAY 1 for me1

nikrel2636d ago

i'm on the fence currently, the graphics are so poor compared to the other games in clarity it seems, muddy.

it feels like call of duty rather than resistance to me.

i was seriously excited for R3, but now the multiplayer has me feeling meh.

trollkill2636d ago

Sorry to hear that although i agree in terms of graphics they should have made them better, but playing so much it has grown on me and ive noticed thngs theyve done graphics and physics wise with lighting and particles that look good. I guess the character animations htrow everything off!!!! I dont like them!!!!

InNomeDiDio2636d ago

Graphics aren't everything. As long it's fun. And it looks good enough to have a lot of fun.

nikrel2635d ago

I agree Graphics aren't everything, but It feels SD rather than HD is what i'm saying, I'm not saying it looks PS2 quality or anything, I think everything looks awesome, much better than the previous installments.

What I am saying tho is the textures look blurry/muddy just not very crisp. Screen Shots look crystal clear but actual gameplay is muddy.