Bulldozer to launch in September

AMD's FX-Series processors, based on the Bulldozer architecture, should officially launch sometime in September, but real volume shipments will not be available until October. We have heard the September launch rumour and you could seen it all around the net for quite some time and this is what sources close to AMD are saying for now.

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ATi_Elite2636d ago

There chips better kick Sandy Bridges ass (which i doubt) cause if not then AMD is FAIL in the CPU department.

They are really moving way too slow and all Intel will have to do is drop the price on the Core i7 Sandy Bridge and AMD is outta luck plus by September Intel will be on their ultra high end Sandy Bridge CPU's.

AMD CPU department is just way too slow, under performing and can't keep up with Intel and that's why i switched.

Newtype2636d ago (Edited 2636d ago )

No, Intel is already going to release the Sandy Bridge-E in the coming months which is their enthusiast series. The current Core i7 is mainstream. (i7 2600k). The newer Core i7 is basically a Sandy Bridge version of the i7 9xx versions which will go based on the x79 architecture. However was delayed a bit.

bwazy2636d ago

Should have named it the Billdozer.

Such a wasted opportunity.

Agent_hitman2636d ago

So question is, Is Bulldozer CPU more cheaper than sandy bridge??

If not then, I'll stay with intel

Otheros002636d ago

If it's as fast as they claim, they shouldn't need to cheat on benchmarks.

emk20042636d ago

Cool just in time for bf3 =).