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LAG - "Pokemon was first created in 1996 with the first two games of Pokemon Red and Green released in Japan. They were a huge hit and helped jump start one of the best selling video game franchises. Over the years however, the franchise has had its up and downs with great success like Pokemon Silver and Gold to the disappointments like Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire. Most complaints over the years is the gameplay was getting old and that recent games were just rehashes of previous generations. With the release of Pokemon Black and White, the developers from Nintendo and Gamefreak were looking to refresh the series by providing something new. The overall game is good but it is not the best generation."

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PhilipLarkin2684d ago

Wish they'd go back to the old 150, but it's good to see Pokemon still going strong.

Cmpunk2684d ago

pokemon games sell better then what they did in the 90's