Five Games That Need a Reboot

Gaming Irresponsibly covers a few titles (some obvious, some not), that need a reboot into the modern era.

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Rushing_Punch2632d ago

I'll bite on Chrono Cross, sounds decent enough

agentxk2632d ago (Edited 2632d ago )

I don't see that working all too great, if they are going to remake an RPG, I'd stick with 7 or 6

Hicken2631d ago

More than enough VII out there to last anyone a lifetime.

Tuxedo_Mask2631d ago

You don't want a reboot of Metal Gear and FFVII, you want an HD remake. I'd say Dino Crisis and StarTropics fall more in line with needing a reboot.

agentxk2631d ago

Star Tropics was AWESOME. I couldn't beat the game though when I was younger since I lost the manual

Rushing_Punch2631d ago

I thought I heard something somewhere about Dino Crisis?

Tuxedo_Mask2631d ago

I hope so, but it really needs a reboot not because of the PSOne games, but because of this: