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What do you think about war? Shooting? Killing? Blowing shit up? No what you should think about is bandages. Now your probably asking “what the hell?”. Yes because you will spend A LOT of time with bandages.

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kma2k2631d ago

Serisouly one of the worst games ive ever played. I try to make a point to finish every game i play, i force myself to sometimes. I couldnt stand this game for longer than 2 hours. It still stands to date the only game ive sent back to gamefly the same day i got it. Ive now played over 70 games from gamefly to & let me tell you there were some really crappy ones i was able to sit through. But not this one!

PwnerifficOne2631d ago

This game is amazing on the PC :P.

PwnerifficOne2631d ago

This game should have gotten atleast a 4/5. The Gameplay and graphics are simply amazing! The water, sand, and even the sun look photo realistic. The gameplay is slow paced and requires skill, tactics and luck lol. The control scheme is also brilliant and allows you to quickly control your squad with ease. I could and have played this game for over 2 hours straight. The only downside is that the friendly AI isn't that good, so once in awhile you will shot one of your teammates, but it has only happened twice for me. Give this game a try, yeah it is an FPS,but the pace and graphics are a nice change from todays shooters;ie CoD and BF3. I'm really excited for Battlefield 3 aswelll :).