Resistance 3 Video Blowout

In the spirit of the end of the world, Sony has been kind enough to provide IGN with an all-new Resistance 3 single player trailer.

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user83971443776d ago

Is there any word on a mode similar to Call of Duty zombies?

BiggCMan3776d ago

Not that I know of. I'm more for the story when it comes to Resistance anyways. I love the multiplayer a lot, especially the co-op in 2 which was just fantastic. But this game has always been about the story for me, and it's looking fantastic for 3. The multiplayer is making me skeptical, as it looks more generic this time around, but we shall see.

Boletarian3775d ago

Story: Alien species invades Earth. End of the world scenario. Small resistance group tries to survive and defeat the enemy.

Probably the most original story ever.

grailly3775d ago

maybe you can help me if you like the story a lot. I played both games but never really understood. Where do the chimera come from? the invasion started in russia when they found a tower or something like that, isn't it? so I thought it was an experience gone bad in russia. or is it just a straight out space invasion scenario?

HeavenlySnipes3775d ago


Take an English class one day and you'll find out that every and any story you can come up with has been done before. You can't name any game or genre out that is totally new, everything is just something else presented in a new light.

What is the difference between a love song of this decade and one from the 90's? They both offer the same content, under the same genre. The lyrics may also be quite similar, but the way they are sung are completely different.

Its the same way with the gaming medium. Yes the 'aliens invading Earth thing' has been done before, but its the way Insomniac presents it that makes it better than the way others tell the similar story. Gears of War follows a similar tale, yet you'll be hardpressed to find many people begging for the next to see what happens in the story.

Instead of the usual 'hero(es) take on waves of the alien and save humanity from disaster, Resistance is about humanity's failure to save itself. Something that is not usually the case in most plots. There is no daring victory or anything, we lost and are now in the shoes of a retired broken vet fighting to survive long enough to die naturally.

Its not the content that separates a great story from a terrible one, its how its presented to you.

badz1493775d ago

why did I watch that? now I'm too eagerly excited for the game! I just hope they stop teasing me like this! :-)

FACTUAL evidence3775d ago

Not even jumping on the resistance banwaggon but RFOM and COD4 started me on the whole FPS bs. Resistance til I die! Lol. but seriously, this is the game I've been waiting for since I beat R2 in 08.

BiggCMan3775d ago

Can you believe it was 3 years ago?? Where the hell did that time go. I still play R2 every so often like it's still new.

refocusedman3776d ago (Edited 3776d ago )

Is it me or is it everytime I hear more abt this game, the more I wanna purchase it. The atmosphere, the weapons, the story ( I really hope its a good one) is turning this game from a get it when I get it to a must have day one.This may be the resistance that insomniac finally gets everything right.

KingDustero3775d ago

Best game coming out in September IMO.

Sony has really dominated this year with exclusives. I'm amazed at how many AAA exclusives they can push out in a single year.

They're still not done either. Twisted Metal and Uncharted 3 are going to be AMAZING along with Resistance 3.

Plus there have been and still are a TON of great multi-platform games coming out like Dark Souls, Assassin's Creed Revelations, BF3 and Skryim.

IMO 2011 is EASILY the BEST year in gaming this generation if not for ALL of gaming.

TyrionL3775d ago

I agree, and if you're like me and own all platforms you can add Gears 3, Forza 4, Zelda:SS, and Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary to that list as well.
On top of that L.A. Noire, InFamous 2, Dead Space 2, Dragon Age 2 (which I liked), Crysis 2 (Yes, I liked this as well), Mortal Kombat, Portal 2, Dungeon Siege III, and Two Worlds 2 (which I think was a good game no matter what popular opinion is) that already came out this year, this is the best year of gaming I can remember in a long time.

blackburn103775d ago

*claps hands* Very cinematic. I think they should definitely make Resistance into a movie

yamzilla3775d ago

story looks freaking sweet, excited for this with the 24" 3d tv!!

does anyone else thing the character models except the old man look terrible?

like very disproportionate and weird!

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