Resistance 3 Beta Invisible Bug Lets Player Go 39-0

Eric of writes:

"So I was playing the Resistance 3 Multiplayer Beta today and ran into a rather hilarious and annoying (at least for the other team) bug/glitch. I had only been playing for maybe 30 minutes and I noticed something strange when I joined a Chain Reaction match that was already in progress. I tried to take over a territory and noticed my teammates around me were dying but I wasn’t. I quickly went 6-0 but the match ended in 30 seconds. The next match started and was a Team Deathmatch game and again I wasn’t dying. Once I got 6 kills in a row I noticed no one could see me. Enemies were running right past me and I was able to get right in front of them to melee them. I recorded the entire incident and I ended up with 39 kills and zero deaths. The same thing happened the next round but I decided to not exploit this bug, at least not that much."

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rabidpancakeburglar2631d ago

Weird. It's the beta though so issues like that will probably be fixed before full release

rdgneoz32631d ago

At the start of the video, he had the cloak kill streak. Seems like it bugged when it was suppose to wear off and he kept it indefinitely.

sackb0y2631d ago

to adonis183. If this was cod this wouldnt be fixed. btw not cod because they dont do betas

Bloodraid2631d ago

You are aware he's referring to the gameplay, right?

lh_swe2631d ago

Well then by that standard any multiplayer FPS game looks like COD, because all aside from the movement speed it's all a little to a lot different (depending on what areas you want to judge).

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Solid_Snake-2630d ago

the multiplayer on this one looks a hell of a lot better than 1 and 2's.

rrquinta2631d ago

So maybe you're just a lot better than you thought? LOL. J/K. Like @rabid above says, this is why you have betas.

trainsinrdr2631d ago (Edited 2631d ago )

That was hilarious haha they were all looking around but had no idea who was bitch slapping them.

dwightmccarthy2631d ago

Lol 39-0 is pretty hilarious especially cause they had no idea what was going on.

BrianG2631d ago

Haha, I had a similar thing happen on this same map. Started out with only me vs 1 other. Got a few kills, then the room fills up.

I start knocking them down left and right, got the auger, feeling great, then bamn...... disconnecting. I assume it was some type of network error.

Checked my stats and had a 17 kill streak. Kinda cool to see it happened to someone else though. Sad part is, I thought I was just doing awesome for about the first 8 kills haha.

theherp802631d ago

oh man same thing happened to me i was like man i'm doing great with this weapon i just upgraded lol then i realized its cause no one could see me.

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The story is too old to be commented.