Battlefield 3 producer says yearly installments Dilute the Game

EA has positioned Battlefield 3 as its Call of Duty killer this holiday season, but don't expect the military first-person shooters to go head-to-head every year. In a new interview with Gamerzines, Battlefield 3 executive producer Patrick Bach said that annualizing the franchise would be a mistake.

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Solid_Snake-4677d ago

the bar has been raised on shooters since the announcement of battlefield 3. its a massive improvement from battlefield 2 and a great step forward from bad company 2.

if dice keep to there 3 year gap then ill stick with dice.

i dont get how activision get away with selling a game then selling it again in DLC. they basicly make double from one title.

peowpeow4677d ago

With Frostbite 2 now built, a 3 year cycle sounds great..also, please bring out another Mirrors Edge :)

SheenuTheLegend4677d ago

Learn something Activision
This Chapter is written for you

caseh4677d ago

Annual installments are what put me off most franchises like cod, fifa, nhl etc.

Spend a few months getting good on the game only for it to have a sequel released. Then you're torn, move to latest game or stay where you are.

Its a shame as the longer a game is left without a sequel the higher the level of play you see on servers and the closer the community becomes as the scrubs and glory seekers migrate to other games.

Zynga4677d ago

Yeah whatever you say EA and while your too busy talking nonsense. COD still manages to break records year after year on its releases.

dommafia4677d ago

Just because a lot of people like to spend money on rehashed bullshit more than gold doesn't mean I'm going to start thinking that bullshit > gold.

BF3 FTW. I'm not even a bf fanboy, I actually like the enemy territory franchise more than anything else... but come on, COD has turned to shit, Infinity Ward is now RESPAWN - Don't buy shit from the fraud IW left behind.

negative4677d ago

While I'm no huge COD fan, it is still a good game as much as you hate to think so. And it's fun as shit when you play with your friends.

I prefer Bad Company 2 but I own all the COD games and will own the rest of them as well.

You COD haters are as bad as fanboys.

dommafia4677d ago

@blueshirt Sorry but I'm no cod hater, I loved the cod franchise before it turned into shit. Do you think this IW is the same the created the masterpiece that is cod 2?

I can safely stop talking to you now.

TheGameFoxJTV4676d ago

EXACTLY! CoD franchise isn't bad. It's just that every game after CoD4 gets progressively worse. CoD2 was the best, CoD came next, and then it just went to the dogs. BF has ALWAYS set to IMPROVE majorly upon the previous games.

awi59514677d ago

Dont worry it will die out soon tony hawk and guitar hero sold gang busters to now look at them.

InNomeDiDio4677d ago

Actually, there are 2 devs on CoD. Infinity Ward and Treyarch, so there are basically installments of each dev every 2 years.

Zynga4677d ago

That's right two different COD games with 2 years of development in them. Plus EA is doing the samething anyway BF & MOH.

phinch4677d ago

The last medal of honour had a massive gap between it from its last if I remember rightly, and medal of honour and battlefield are different franchises.....infinity ward and Treyarch still make the same game/onlineplay/engine/title repeated game Year after year.....

SJPFTW4677d ago

DICE only did multiplayer for MOH.

dommafia4677d ago

Seeing as IW lost their MAIN guys that actually knew what the fuck they were doing let's not give this new fake IW any credit, thanks.

Cant wait for the real IW to make their first game though outside of cod http://www.respawn.com/

InNomeDiDio4677d ago

It doesn't matter if IW has lost some staff. There are still 2 DEVS making CoD-Games. So there is much more time between the games. And talking about Gameplay, Engine etc. It is COD and not something else. And there ARE improvements, also visually! Sometimes I really wonder if most people play on SD-TV's or on old HDTV's which can really badly influence how a game looks.

awi59514677d ago

Not some all the staff that matter programmers,designers, engineers,artists all gone. All the guys that set up infinity ward all the guys that came over from EA gone.

dommafia4677d ago (Edited 4677d ago )

"SOME" staff? oh dear...

That's like saying your favorite restaurant fired your favorite cook but they kept all the same waiters and you think the food will be just as good.

Sheep, i tells ya.

InNomeDiDio4677d ago (Edited 4677d ago )

@dommafia: Don't mix real life with Gaming. That's a totally different thing. Modern Warfare 2 was great and I'm sure MW3 will be even better. So according to your silly statement: The cook still cookin'