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Rrobba2634d ago

Here's hoping it's a Nazi Zombies-only map pack!

Kee2634d ago

It will be. It'll be the same ones the limited edition came with with all the old ones from waw. Hence the name "resurrection".

theonlylolking2634d ago

I got those map packs in [email protected] I am not buying them again.

Iroquois_Pliskin2634d ago (Edited 2634d ago )

im totally gonna download this from a friends account not giving Activision a single penny (bought black ops used)

DrRichtofen2634d ago

Who didn't see this coming? Well if the maps are good I might gameshare this with my friends.

Muffins12232634d ago

they confirmed it free,it even comes with a new map with it also five maps :D

davidmccue2633d ago

Its only free if you own the hardened or prestige edition of black ops.

CaptainPunch2634d ago

I'm only considering getting this for Zombies

Rrobba2634d ago

That's the ONLY reason I would consider getting this.

bumnut2633d ago

Agreed, I miss the days when cod was a serious shooter.

e-p-ayeaH2634d ago

A way to get some more cash before mw3 comes out...expected

Muffins12232634d ago

they confirmed it free,it even comes with a new map with it also five maps :D yea

Raven_Nomad2634d ago

Sweet! The map packs usually last me a couple of months before they start to get old. This next one will help fill the void till Modern Warfare 3 hits.

Treyarch does great map packs. Also, to those bitching about them...if you don't want them DON'T GET THEM!

NiKK_4192633d ago

Treyarch does not make great map packs. I don't know about everyone else, but I felt that every dlc map was worse than the maps that came with the game, they were just boring. In mw2, I actually enjoyed the dlc maps, they made the game fresh, and made it last a little longer, well most of them. Hopefully that continues with mw3

slaton242633d ago

IW did awful maps makin new ones mix in with some of MW1 maps that is what u call lazy...Treyarch did it right with 4 new maps and a new zombie map but its opinion on what a person likes no one can make a person change his or her opinion

Killman2633d ago

You really like riding Activitions penis don't you?