WMS Runs Hot for Xbox 360; Cold on PS3

Wedbush Morgan Securities has posted strong predictions for sales of Xbox 360 this Holiday season, while downgrading its predictions for PlayStation 3.

WMS is predicting monthly sales of 250,000 units of Xbox 360 in August and September, up to 400,000 units in October, and between 750,000 – 1.25 million units monthly in November and December.

Meanwhile, the firm has downgraded its predictions for PS3 sales from 3 million to 2.3 million.

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rj815864d ago

Who out there substitutes a 360 for a PS3? Or a PS3 for a 360? These aren't exactly impulse buys. One would assume the typical consumer goes into a store with a conrete idea of what he or she wants. Does anyone go into a store with the thought "I'm going to buy a next-generation console. I'll buy whatever one they have in stock." These consoles cost 500-600 dollars... don't most people do a little bit of homework before buying?

ElementX5864d ago (Edited 5864d ago )

I think the 360 will sell better this holiday season. With all the games coming out and lower prices on games already released, I'm sure 360 will do well. There are just too many games coming out on 360. I don't think FF, Resistance, and MGS4 will justify the $200 price difference of the systems. Tons of people bought a PS2 for GTA and now it'll be on the 360 which costs less. Most of the awesome 3rd party games will be on both systems: Half Life 2, FEAR, Assassin's Creed.

ironwolf5864d ago

a large percentage of the sales will be parents and grandparents buy ing gifts for their kidlings. They will buy which ever next-gen console is available, because they see Hi-Def and video game in the ads. They aren't spending all their spare time sitting around looking at video game forums. Very few to no PS3s will be available. Fanboys will be sitting in lines for months, snapping them up as they come off the delivery trucks, untill production and delivery hit full swing.

EasilyTheBest5864d ago

Xbox360 will outsell ps3 by a large margin for the forseeable future. The games play a big part but its the price that makes all the difference. Microsoft by not shipping with a blu ray or hard drive are in a win win situation. This battle could be very bloody for sony. Alot of fanboys out there will disagree but when u think about it, when x360 1st came out ps3 was suppose to be here in spring never in microsofts wildest dreams did they think their console would be in the position it is now. Ps3 will come down in price but its a sure thing microsoft will able to beat that price every time without losing as much money on each console sold. From what i see xbox has plenty of games to come and if they win by a big margin this christmas, publishers will support it all the more. I also say that wii is going to be a major headache for sony too. Xbox360 had the next gen to itself last year, sony has nintendo to deal with with their new console this year.

slugg5864d ago

The more the 360 will sell, period. People waiting, and waiting, and waiting for the PS3 (some of them) will just "Jump In" this fall when they realize they might have to wait until the middle of next year to find a PS3 on the shelf. Couple that with even avowed Sony fans' disappointment at the price, the negative press about Blu-Ray, and Sony's history of defective products and failure to meet production estimates (remember how less than a week before the PS2 came out, they cut allocations in half? I work at Gamestop, so believe me, I do. I had to make those phone calls telling people who had reserved a PS2, some of them over a YEAR earlier, that now they wouldn't get a system at launch.), and I think the 360 will sell OUT again this year. How the wildcard Nintendo Wii will do is anyone's guess, I actually expect some Wii's to be returned after Christmas because unknowledgeable parents/grandparents will buy them for young children based on the brand, and then no one will be able to figure out how to use it.

LiquifiedArt5864d ago

Not many people are willing to buy a differnt console then what they wanted when they walked into the store. Thats like me saying, well since ps3 is sold out, i'll buy a wii instead. I mean get serious. People will just wait. its only a month or 2 at a time, for the next line.

M3RCUTIO5864d ago

You're a committed Sony fan, just like I'm a committed 360 fan. I wouldn't expect you to "surrender" to the opposition when it's just a matter of waiting out the holiday shortage. However, parents and grandparents that are looking to get a next-gen gamin console for their wee ones in time for Christmas aren't necessarily the brand-loyalists that you and I are. If there aren't any PS3 around (which I'm doubting there will be), they'll opt for something else, be it a Wii or a 360. Throw in the fact that they'll save a bundle that they can put towards all the new games that'll be out for the 360 by then and it certainly looks positive for MS.

TheMART5864d ago

Yup imagine a gamer that sees Gears of War running on demopods, with his friends. And he has nothing and knows he has to wait another year on Killzone 2/3...

He can play now Gears of War and more and save himself even some dollars to get more games. Imagine. People will change brands this Christmas, not only parents buying for their kids, but even gamers themselves.

Only die hard brand loyalists wait on their systems. Most people just want to game this holiday not wait for something and hope they deliver in games and online capabilities. It's just the way it is

blackmagic5864d ago

Most people aren't nearly as commited to a console as everyone posting here. A lot of people may look or ask for a ps3 at christmas simply because they had a ps2. I reckon that casual gamers (whom likely account for 90% of console sales) won't have a chance of getting a ps3. The hardcore loyalists will have snatched all the limited supplies this season. At this point the wii or 360 could easily catch their eye.

man, no ps3's in stock again... Heyyyy, lookey here... 360... $200 less, similar graphics and 10x more games on the shelf compared to ps3, a lot of them only $30... -or- Hmm... can't find the ps3 anywhere... what's this nintendo wii demo? hey this thing is a lot of fun! And cheap too!

As soon as the ps3 sells out people will start thinking about their holiday options.