5 Games Characters and Their Real-Life Counter Parts

I've been a gamer for almost twenty years, and as I look back at that time I can't help but noticed certain...similarities between videogame characters and people you and I see on TV etc. So I thought I would make a list of the 5 most convincing videogame characters and their counterparts.

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vglulz2635d ago

Scarlett Johansson? Yes please.

bayport2635d ago

The Sonic and Usain Bolt one made me laugh lol

LOGICWINS2635d ago

Nothing compares to Angelina Jolie in "Taking Lives"...but Scarlett Johansson is a close second :)

specialguest2635d ago

Angelina Jolie is too skinny and lost that young and supple skin she once had 10 years ago.

themerchant2635d ago

Not a fan of Angelina. Nice body though.

LOGICWINS2635d ago

@special- Watch Taking Lives, she was perfect. Not too skinny, not too fat.

@themerchant- Difference of opinion I suppose.

BX812634d ago

Jolie is pretty hot when she's not a twig but Scarlett's body screams woman and I like that!

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beastgamer2635d ago

i would like both Catherine and Scarlett Johansson in my bed :)

vglulz2635d ago


Someone make it happen.

billyboi1222635d ago

Well I wouldn't say no...

coolfool2635d ago

Too many guys in that first guy's bed. For that reason, I'm out....

Why o why2634d ago (Edited 2634d ago )

toooo much out fellas

MWH2634d ago

long line but hell yeah, 9th

Undeadwolfy2634d ago

11th... Your loss Why o Why

Dart892634d ago (Edited 2634d ago )

Aww that's a big sausage fest in one bed i'm out :D.

mastiffchild2634d ago

Meh, Johansson's ten a penny averageness. Sjhe looks like she should work in a chippy. I can usually see the attraction even if I don't particularly share it but with THAT girl i'm amazed anyone looks once let alone twice. Hell, I'm not even gay and I see more attractive men EVERY time I leave the house-AND I live in the UK where it's, like, the law to be fugly.

Now, I'm a pig myself so I'm WELL qualified to say who shares my unfortunate fugliness and while Scarlett isn't a pig she's certainly nothing to get excited about. Jolie has her dad's mouth, as well, which always put me off her too-at any age as well. You ,may see tender woman flash when she's on the screen but I just see Midnight Cowboy in drag!

Anyhow-when's she EVER been a "twig"? Keira Knightly's too chubby for me!! Then again, the only film actress that ever does it for me is/was Audrey Hepburn who's a massive gay icon these days so , perhaps, I need to tell the wife something!! Shouldn't we new age gamer types be above all this objectifying of the fairer sex anyway(even if I'm kind of finding I no longer seem to find women attractive!)?

Confused myself, I have now.

Why o why2634d ago


u mad,

she is top o top. Not enough for me to cross swords with these hungry dudes above me but she could erase all the other memories from anybody's spank bank.

NEPALII2634d ago

Whoa there is like 15 of us now!! ok, this is too much sausage!! Its starting to creep me out. I'll do it up to 6 people more than that im out!

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rumplstilts2635d ago

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... mmmmmmm....

sergiospain2634d ago

Everyone knows Walter White from Breaking Bad is Gordon Freeman...

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billyboi1222635d ago

Gordon Freeman and Hugh Laurie - how did I never spot that?

FishCake9T42635d ago

Both are f-ing bosses as well.

SilentNegotiator2635d ago

If Hugh Laurie doesn't play Freeman in some sort of role, the universe will never be at rest.

Sorrow242634d ago

I won't be able to sleep until it happens... Now I know why Freeman doesn't talk in Half Life. Because he'd be killed if he had Laurie's smart-ass mouth from House.

CrimsonEngage2635d ago ShowReplies(3)
thephillup2635d ago

I'm shocked how much Hugh Laurie and Gordon Freeman look alike. They could basically be twins.

ashbc2635d ago

Read the article. It quite clearly states that they ARE brothers.

Jejojaja2635d ago

Great… When Half Life Episode 3 finally gets released it'll feel like im playing House...

jacksonmichael2635d ago

At least it's better than playing School...

See what I did there?

DarkFantasy2635d ago

i don't know.. i would rather play doctor.

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