True Crime: Why it was almost better than GTA

CVG - Since GTA first hit PS2, there's been a glut of copycat games that have tried - and failed - to capture the thrills of Rockstar's epic. Crime Life, Narc and 25 To Life should never have seen the light of day due to their criminal gameplay, but True Crime: Streets Of LA managed to carve out a niche of its own.

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DrRichtofen3698d ago (Edited 3698d ago )

I've never played a True Crime game before so this new one will definitely be a breath of fresh air. I can't wait to parkour it up, and grind some faces off

trainsinrdr3698d ago

What do you mean by this new one?

DrRichtofen3698d ago

Hong Kong..... the new was just in the news that square enix is gonna publish might come out next year. That new one.

BattleTorn3698d ago (Edited 3698d ago )

ya wasn't hong kong scrapped...

and fairly early too?


rabidpancakeburglar3698d ago

Yeah this one will be great. I only played new york (completely missed LA) but I loved it.

Gray-Fox-Type03698d ago (Edited 3698d ago )

lol is this a joke of a article? sure had some nice fighting mechanics , shooting mechanics , and driving mechanics but other then that the whole game was a repititve pile of crap. Multiple stupid endings random street crimes are alls what is left after 5 hours of running and gunning and chasing. I remember this game AND WAS NO WHERE NEAR GTA at its time.

True Grime : Street Cleaners

GTA a legendary francise and pretty much untouchable with all its copycats that come out

lh_swe3697d ago

You're right, True Crime wasn't without it's faults but in some areas it was truly innovative, more so than GTA was at the time in fact.

While GTA might be legendary, it's latest outing has met with a hugely mixed fan reception, some whom think the game could get mind numbingly booring and some who thought the new direction added a more real human untouchable it is not my good chum.

Ohh and True Crime had Christopher Walken which at the time put a grin on my face :)

TyrionL3697d ago

@ lh_swe
" but in some areas it was truly innovative, more so than GTA was at the time in fact."
Well seeing as how GTA started the whole sandbox, go where you want, do whatever you want, thing, I don't agree with you. Rockstar "invented" the whole consept, so you saying that True Crime was more innovative at the time, in any area, is wrong. GTA started this shit, True Crime tryied to take a bite out of the pie, and didn't come anywere close to being half as good as GTA3, much less Vice City or San Andreas. We're all intitled to our opinions, but True Crime didn't invent or innovate shit, and since we’re giving opinions True Crime strait up sucked. I fell for that shit when it came out, and it wasn’t even a poor clone to me, they should have keep it in development for a lot longer than they did. They were just trying to cash in on Rockstar’s success, and failed.
LOL, True Crime more innovative at the time. My ass it was.

notimetobeidle3698d ago

I lost my copy but I remember liking it better than GTA 3 at least.

lh_swe3697d ago

I thought GTA III was more enoyable but I definetly thought True Crime had a leg up in some areas, I thought it was more silly fun...sorta like the Saints Row of its time.

xX-StolenSoul-Xx3698d ago

I actually liked this game alot, La and Nyc were both very good games but not better than Gta in my opinion. But i loved being able to arrest people :-) and the maps were bigger than anything in GTA, Real street names and almost perfect sized map of their counterpart.

bacrec13698d ago

Not even close, but its still fun to play.

BigWillys3698d ago

True Crime: Why it was almost better than GTA -

HAHAHAHAHAHA. I stopped reading after the title.

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