All Super Smash Bros. Stages Monatge

Super Smash Bros. featured nine different stages to duke it out on. Here are all nine in montage form.

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SixZeroFour2728d ago

there is absolutely no way this should be approved...all it is is just a vid showcasing the first super smash bros stages, not even an article

SuperZambezi2727d ago

Yeah, it's not an article, it's a video. A video that some people enjoy watching. If Top 10 videos can get in, why not something like this? Instead of listing my favorite stages, I went ahead and tried to make a video that is a little more interesting.

SixZeroFour2727d ago (Edited 2727d ago )

1. im almost sure youtube vids alone arent even allowed to be submitted

2. the difference with those "top whatever" vids/articles is that they usually explain their reasons as to why they think they are deserving of a "top whatever" this article, you just showcased all the stages

3. i never even said that those "top whatever" articles are deserving of getting approved anyways...most of the time i, and alot of other n4g users, feel that those articles also shouldnt get approved

im not trying to bash, what im going to now assume is, your site, just saying that this particular "article" isnt exactly deserving of getting approved

SuperZambezi2727d ago (Edited 2727d ago )

"Posting Videos"

"When posting videos avoid linking directly to videos on YouTube or a similar service. You should only post videos if the content of the video is professionally made and of interest to the community. User made videos can only be posted if other big websites or blogs have posted them; making them news worthy. When posting videos, they should be embedded on the N4G submission when embed codes are provided. Videos from YouTube, IGN, GameTrailers, and Gamespot almost always provide embed codes to users."

You win. :P

While Youtube is not strictly not allowed, my video wasn't "newsworthy" so it makes sense that it shouldn't be apporved. And I know you didn't say the "Top 10" articles are okay, I was just referencing all the articles I have seen approved already. And I checked the FAQ and I didn't catch anything that said they were not allowed so I guess that is more of a personal dislike of yours.

And I didn't catch that last part about my site.

jacksonmichael2727d ago

If these stages aren't included in the 3DS/Wii U version, they should at least be available as DLC. Some of my favorite stages in the series.