From Dust Review [Botchweed]

Botchweed's Liam Griffiths writes:

"Shaping the landscape however you want and seeing your little, creepy-masked villagers flourishing is very satisfying, but From Dust doesn’t really offer enough to keep you coming back for more. After an hour or two I found myself throwing lava around, or washing my villagers off the edge of a mountain I’d created. The whole novelty of the game dissappeared and all I was left with was an extremely slow, extremely frustrating science experiment.

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notimetobeidle2637d ago

I'm actually excited by the low review, because his main complaint concerns how punishing the game is. Perhaps it will be played easier on a PC?

I'll know when I get it for Steam.

Protag222637d ago

Not punishing; frustrating.

It's not that the game is 'hard', as such, its just a huge pain in the ass to egt things right. It's like being the worlds most put-upon gardener.

limewax2637d ago

See I find the game to be fairly easy for the most part, And actually find the land evolving on its own to be one of the greatest features.

I never have played a god game before but for my first one, I am enjoying it a lot. This just seems like a love it or hate it kind of game

Protag222637d ago


Yeah, its definitely one of those games that seems to pretty harshly swing either way.

notimetobeidle2637d ago


Sign me up! I expect that I'll love it but I'll just have to wait and see.

lzim2637d ago (Edited 2637d ago )

snail-like pacing and a big old dollop of arty-farty nonsense


similar thing could be said, balancing was purposely tilted on the wrong side of 'approachable and fun' about a few games in the genre. I don't think Ubisoft will punish the team that made it too harshly if it doesn't sell well. If it doesn't sell too poorly they could listen to criticisms and make something better next time with a bigger budget.

Breadisgood2637d ago

They should have just made a new Populous, they're half way there as it is.

I have been enjoying the game though to be fair, but it's not as good as Populous.

lzim2637d ago (Edited 2637d ago )

apparently they were going to. prehaps Ubisoft/BlueByte felt threatened.

If they merged those team though.. Anno with terrain deformation...